The Little Green Man In The Red Apple Tree by Bruce A. Borders

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The Little Green Man In The Red Apple Tree and other short poems for kids (and anybody who once was). A collection of more than thirty funny and amusing stories of tall tales with illustrations by the author.


Below is a sample of this book:
Quick Sam

Quick Sam rode a rocket

Across the western sky

It blasted off and disappeared

Oh how fast he did fly

He made good time on the rocket

And friend it ain’t no lie

He reached his destination

Before he said goodbye

The Long And Short Of It

Old Mr. Short and young Miss Tall

Met in the summer and married in the fall

It’s hard to tell what their kids will be

I’m guessing middle-aged and five foot three

The Donut Hole

I’ve got a big glazed donut

But where is the hole?

It was there in the center

Just a second ago

I asked the donut maker

But he didn’t know

He said I think I saw it

When I rolled out the dough

I’ve looked the kitchen over

Searched high and low

All that I’ve found

Is a big empty hole

Wait, I think I have it

Yes, it must be so

But, when the middle is missing

Is the donut whole?


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About Bruce A. Borders

Bruce A. Borders was born in 1967 in Cape Girardeau, MO. Bruce’s childhood years were spent in a number of states, including Missouri, Oregon, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.
During his high school years, he was a member of the football, basketball and track teams, involved in various non-athletic activities such as school yearbook production and photography, and won numerous awards for his artistic creations. Bruce graduated Valedictorian in 1984.
While in school, Bruce held three part-time jobs; a store clerk, a janitor, and a dental technician, working about 60-70 hours per week. After graduation he became employed full time as a dental technician. Other jobs have included restaurant manager, carpenter and grocery store cashier. For the past sixteen years, he has worked as a commercial truck driver, logging more than two million miles.
At the age of fifteen, Bruce decided to become a writer. He began by writing songs, news articles and short stories. Eventually, books were added to the list. Over the years, he continued to write and currently has a catalog of more than 500 songs, numerous short stories and over a dozen completed books. He writes on a variety of subjects such as the Bible and politics, as well as fictional novels of legal issues and westerns. Titles include: Inside Room 913, Over My Dead Body, Miscarriage Of Justice, The Journey, and in The Wynn Garrett Series – Mistaken Identity, Holy Terror, Remote Control, Judicial Review, Even Odds, Safety Hazard, and Dark Day.

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