The Adventures Of Stupid The Cat by Bruce A. Borders

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All cats can be a little strange! Some might even be crazy! But it takes a smart cat to pull off some of the things this lovable cat named Stupid does! Follow his adventures, told in his own words. (Based on the life of a real cat, who thanks to his head-shaking behavior, earned the nickname of Stupid).


Below is a sample of this book:
I’m told a story should start at the beginning but I’m not sure what that is. I don’t remember being born, yet that must have happened. I can’t imagine how I would have gotten here any other way!

I’ll just start with what I do remember.

My first memory was a terrifying one. A summer storm! The year was 1980, during the month of July, I think. I was just a kitten back then. A very scared kitten, too!

In later weeks, I overheard people talking; they said the storm had been just a “straight” wind. But to those of us who were lucky enough to survive it, we thought we had lived through a tornado!

Power lines were down and windows were shattered. Boards from barns and other buildings were scattered across the fields. Trees were laying on the ground, too. Lots of trees. All of this had been caused by the wind. A very strong wind. And now you see why I was so scared.

Even after the wind stopped, I wasn’t safe. The power lines, tangled in the fallen trees, made it dangerous for a newborn kitten. One wrong step and I could have been killed! The danger dragged on for days. But soon, I would be rescued.

One day, almost two weeks after that frightful and stormy night, a stranger came to the farm where I lived. She picked me up and took me for a car ride. She said I was going to a new home. She told me I would live with a family of humans. They would love me and care for me, she said.

At first, I was a little sad that I had to move. The farm was the only home I had known. Then, I remembered the storm. Maybe these humans would keep me safe, I thought.

When we arrived at my new home, everyone came out to greet me. There was a mom and dad, and I counted five girls! That’s a lot of girls!

They all laughed watching me walk through the grass. The lawn hadn’t been mowed because of the branches and limbs from the storm and the grass was taller than I. I couldn’t even see where I was walking!

I didn’t know my black and white fur made me easy to spot. I tried to keep my tail pointed up above the grass so they wouldn’t lose me. This just made them laugh even more. They said my tail, along with my pot-bellied look, reminded them of a chipmunk. I didn’t even know what a chipmunk was. But they were laughing, so I thought it must not be anything bad.


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About Bruce A. Borders

Bruce A. Borders was born in 1967 in Cape Girardeau, MO. Bruce’s childhood years were spent in a number of states, including Missouri, Oregon, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.
During his high school years, he was a member of the football, basketball and track teams, involved in various non-athletic activities such as school yearbook production and photography, and won numerous awards for his artistic creations. Bruce graduated Valedictorian in 1984.
While in school, Bruce held three part-time jobs; a store clerk, a janitor, and a dental technician, working about 60-70 hours per week. After graduation he became employed full time as a dental technician. Other jobs have included restaurant manager, carpenter and grocery store cashier. For the past sixteen years, he has worked as a commercial truck driver, logging more than two million miles.
At the age of fifteen, Bruce decided to become a writer. He began by writing songs, news articles and short stories. Eventually, books were added to the list. Over the years, he continued to write and currently has a catalog of more than 500 songs, numerous short stories and over a dozen completed books. He writes on a variety of subjects such as the Bible and politics, as well as fictional novels of legal issues and westerns. Titles include: Inside Room 913, Over My Dead Body, Miscarriage Of Justice, The Journey, and in The Wynn Garrett Series – Mistaken Identity, Holy Terror, Remote Control, Judicial Review, Even Odds, Safety Hazard, and Dark Day.

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