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Please use the form below to search for book recommendations. The first four fields are required, while the rest are all optional. Having said that, keep in mind that if you only fill out the top four fields, you are likely to get a pretty broad range of suggestions. If you take the time to select an option for each of the other fields, we can make a much better recommendation for you. We will take the criteria that you give us and identify books in our database that most closely match your information. The more information you provide, the better our recommendations will be.

Each section below is grouped in the order of importance for refining your search to something specific. As you get to the bottom of the list, the questions don’t have nearly as much relevance, but they can still help to refine your search a little better. Now then, what kind of book would you like to read today?

Section 1 – Story Type

* Select a Genre that you would like to search through.

* Tell us what kind of sub-genre you would like to see in your story.

(This is a pretty long list, but please take the time to review the options, because we will be trying to match your choice as closely as we can.)

* Select the primary story element that you would find most interesting.

* Select a secondary story element that you would be interested in seeing.

Section 2 – Story Details

What level of expertise would you prefer from a writer on this topic?

What motive for writing this story would you like to see from the author?

What kind of perspective would you want from the writer of this story?

For what audience would you want this story to be intended?

What would you like to see as the author’s primary objective of this story?

What level of complexity would you like to see in the writing for this story?

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