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Thank you for taking the time to consider entering your book into our directory. If you are an author who is new to the site, please read the information below before submitting your book. Once you submit the form, your information will be reviewed and an author account will be created for you. Information on how to edit your information on this site will be sent to you along with your account information.

(Please note that we are currently undergoing some major changes on the site, so it may take a few days for us to get your book reviewed and your account created.)

Before you begin, we’d like to offer some information up front that will help make this go as smoothly as possible and hopefully answer some of your questions. Please take the time to read this carefully, and as you complete the form, please remember that this site is first and foremost about the Readers. If you try to mislead them by misrepresenting your book, then all you will accomplish is ultimately alienating them. We want our recommendations to match their desires as closely as possible, so please be honest with your responses.

The first two questions involve the Genre and Sub-Genre of your book. While we realize that there are more and more books these days that may incorporate various components of multiple genres, we ask that you focus on the ones that are absolutely the most relevant to your book.

The next two questions involve Story Elements. We would first of all request that you choose the one single story element that is most relevant to your book. We then allow you to choose up to three supporting elements. Our early testing has shown that trying to do more only dilutes the recommendations that our readers receive. We want to make sure that the recommendations that we make encourage them to come back for more recommendations, so please make sure that your selections accurately represent your book. We realize it may seem tedious, but the more accurate you are, the better the odds that we can match your book with a reader!

The remaining questions are provided to help the readers refine their search if they choose to do so. As you complete this form, if you notice any fields that you feel should be modified, then please share that in the comment field at the bottom of the form. Your feedback is essential in helping us to make this site successful for both readers and authors.

The last important point is the need for a smaller image. While you may have a copy of your book cover in 1200×1800 pixels that shows it in all its glorious wonder, we need a much smaller image, more specifically, one that is about 200×300 pixels. This size is consistent with the size of the images used by the major retailers, and while they may have the storage capacity and ability to convert the size of your images, we sadly do not. If the site becomes successful enough that we can add such resources, then we may be able to change this policy.

Please use the Comment form at the bottom of the page or the one on the form itself if you would like to provide any input or give us any feedback. Thanks!

Authors (Non-Fiction)

Please provide us with some of the information below so that we can help make better matches for your book.
  • Please provide us with a sample section from your book. Ideally, we would like to have around 500 words.
  • Please limit the size of your image to ~200x300 pixels.
  • This will NOT be included with your listing. We require this so that we can contact you if there are any questions or concerns with your listing.
  • Choose the one Sub-Genre that is most relevant to your story. Please take the time to read through the entire list rather than selecting the first one that comes close. You may find better options further into the list!
  • Choose the one Story Element that is most relevant to your story. Choose "Not Listed Here" if you don't see something relevant and need to add something new.
  • If you select more than three, we will ONLY use the first three you select, in alphabetical order. Make sure you select ONLY those elements that are truly relevant to your story.
  • Please do not use tiny urls, shortcuts, or affiliate tags when entering the links to your books!

  • Please provide us with any feedback you might have that could possibly help us to improve this service. Thanks!

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