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Important Notice!

Our site is currently undergoing a number of changes regarding the way we handle author submissions. If you have recently submitted a book, it may be a week or two before we can get it reviewed and approved. The instructions below will mostly be changing as well. If you are interested in submitting a new book, please consider waiting until the changes have been made and the site has been updated. If you just can’t wait, then feel free to use either of the Book Submission forms, but be warned that it may be a while before your book can be reviewed.

Getting Started

If you are an author who is interested in including your book on our site, you will need to have author account created. You can contact me and I will set up your account and send you some information on how things work. Make sure that you save the e-mail I send because it will have some instructions that will be needed to explain how the site works.

Once you have an account created, you will need to be logged in with this site in order to use the Book Submission form. When you submit this form, you will be creating two separate objects: a web post and a data collection.

Now here is where things start to get a bit tricky. Since your submissions create two different objects, that means that you need to have the ability to edit both of those things. The first object is the Post that gets presented to the readers in the form of your book’s detail page. When you first log on to the site, you should be able to see a few things in the admin section of the site. There should be a bar running across the top of the page with the site name on the left side. If you hover over the site name, you will see a drop-down links that says “Visit Site”. This link will open the actual web site for you. There is also a + sign that will allow you to create a new Post. Do NOT use that link, because you will just be wasting your time. I will NOT approve any new Posts that are created using that link.

The important part for you is there within the admin section. You should see two links on the left side: Posts and Profile. The Profile link will allow you to update your personal profile. You can add your name, add your web site, change your password, and a few other things. It’s all up to you to decide how you want to set that up. I personally would suggest that you provide your name and set it up so that your full name is displayed, rather than your user ID.

The Posts link will take you to a page that will display the titles of all your books. If you see a book listed there that does not belong to you or if one or more of your own books are not there, then please let me know right away! For all the early adopters, I had to match up every single entry with the author account that I had on record, and since most of you do not have your names entered yet, there was some measure of guessing involved. Also, I noticed that some people created their own user account even after I sent out the e-mail letting you know I had created an account for you, so your Posts may not be connected to the right author account. If you created your account after 11/30/2012, this would not be an issue for you.

The Posts that you see there are the actual book details pages that the site visitors will see. If you need to change the price on your book, change the image, fix a typo, or anything at all that the readers will see, you can do it here. Any changes you make will be submitted for review, which means I get an e-mail letting me know that you made a change and I have to go and approve it. This is important because it allows me to make sure you are not breaking any rules (see below)!

Now then, the other data which was used to create the data collection is stored separately and can be accessed from the actual site using the Edit Entries link. (The information for the Post is there also, but changing it there will NOT update your Post!) If you want to edit your data collection, just use the Edit Entries link under the For Authors tab. This will take you to a page that should list all your titles. If you see any that do not belong to you, or if you are missing any, please let me know right away.

If you click on the link for “View Entry Details” next to any title, you will be taken to a page that shows ALL of the information you entered. If you would like to edit any of this information, then scroll all the way to the bottom and you should see a link that says “Edit Entry”. If you click on that link you will be able to update any of your information. Keep in mind that any information you change on that page will NOT update the book’s details page, which is what the readers will see. That information will have to be updated using the Post link in the admin section. (See above for how to get there.) It might help to remember that the top half of this form relates to your Post, and should be edited there. The bottom half pertains to the data collection, and should be edited here.


Below are some basic rules I intend to enforce dilligently on this site, and they apply to every author who submits a book on this site.

  • Do NOT upload sexually graphic or disturbing book covers. All book covers are reviewed, and any deemed questionable will be blocked.
  • Do NOT use any sexually suggestive or lewd content in your synopsis or sample. Not all readers or visitors will be adults!
  • Do NOT add any tags to your Post. They are not being used anywhere on the site and will only waste space in my database.
  • Do NOT add Categories to your Post. The Category assigned to your post is the Primary Genre that you selected when you submitted your book. You are allowed ONLY one!
  • If you change your Category (Genre), you will need to make sure you change it on your data collection page as well. The Genre on that page is what gets used for the seacrh algorithm, NOT the Category you see on your Post.
  • Other items may be added as necessary!

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