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Q: Just how is this site supposed to work?
A: We have created a special search form that allows visitors to identify the things they would like to see in the next book they read. We then take those criteria and match them up against the books in our database to find the best matches we can to make recommendations on books they might like.

Q: Who is this site intended for?
A: This site has been developed for Readers and Authors with the intention of providing a new way of bringing them together. We request that Authors provide the information for their books to get them into our databse, and that gives us more options for providing recommendations to the readers.

Q: How much does this service cost for the Readers or the Authors?
A: There is no cost to either the Reader or the Authors. Any Author can enter their book information for free, and if a Reader decides they like your book once it is recommended, we provide them with links so that they can go and purchase it in their favorite format.

Q: How do you decide which books to recommend?
A: Our special search algorithm assigns a certain weight to different criteria, depending on the genre of the book. If you select Science Fiction, we will place more emphasis on Technology. If you choose Romance, we will place more emphasis on Romance. We provide about 20 different options for you to use to help identify very specific details about the kind of book you would like to read next. We combine all these options and use them to compare to the books in our database to find the best match.

Q: As an Author, how do I make changes to my book information once it is submitted?
A: Once you have submitted your first book and it has been reviewed and approved, an author account will be created for you. When you receive the information for this account, it will provide you with the information you need.

Q: When I enter the links for my books on the Author’s form, can I include affiliate links or tags?
A: We ask that you not add any affiliate tags to your book links. When your book details page is created, we automatically add our own. (We’ve got to pay the bills somehow!) 🙂

Q: My novel is under a pen name, while my short stories are under my own name, so is it safe to assume that they will be listed by author, and not all under the account name (my real name) that I use to manage them?
A: The only thing that the public will see is the name you provide as the author. (i.e. Book Title by Author Name) The name you use for your personal account is not displayed to the public anywhere, UNLESS you update your profile page with a Bio. In that case, your Bio will show up at the bottom of all of your book pages, regardless of the Author name you used. We may decide to remove that feature, but we haven’t decided yet.

Q: As an Author, how do I update my Profile?
A: If you scroll to the bottom of any page you will see a link on the left side that says “Admin”. Just click on that link. If you are already logged in, you will see an admin screen with a link on the left that says Profile. If you aren’t logged in, it will show up once you log in.

Q:Can an Author post a book if the book is currently in the Kindle Select Program?
A: Listing your book(s) on this site would not violate the terms for the Kindle Select program. Basically, this is the same as doing a blog post or sharing a link to your site. As long as you do not include any links to other places where people may buy your book, you should be fine.

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