Discovery of the Saiph by PP Corcoran

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The TDF Marco Polo embarks on its maiden voyage outside Earth’s Solar System leading to the discovery of an extinct civilisation destroyed by orbital bombardment. Deep underground is a mysterious library of alien secrets.

The Terran Republic unravels the clues, forcing its politicians, scientists, navy and marines to engage in an epic journey of space exploration, space battles and combat behind enemy lines. They must rally their forces to defend the Earth as they discover ‘The Others’ are coming…


Below is a sample of this book:
With no word of command the two marines carrying the breaching charges moved to the airlock doors and placed their cargo. The remaining marines stacked up a few meters clear, ready to enter once the charges went off. In Alec’s helmet display a small clock appeared and a warning tone sounded in his ear. Five… four… three… two… one… flash! The helmet filters automatically dimmed what Alec knew was a blinding explosion, he felt a slight vibration through his body and knew the initial breach was successful. A marine moved forward and without exposing himself stuck his rifle barrel into the hole. Alec’s head up display was filled by the image, courtesy of the marine’s barrel camera of a room four by three by two meters with a second bulk head at the far end. It was indeed an airlock.

“That’s a beer I owe Intelligence,” Alec muttered to himself as his marines were occupied with the next stage of their assault. A marine maintained an over-watch on the inside of the airlock while another, with a second breaching charge dropped in, his feet found the deck inside. “Internal gravity is on” Alec noted out loud.

The marine approached the inner airlock door and placed a second breaching charge before beating a hasty retreat to the outer hull. Five… four… three… Alec watched the countdown on his head up display as the warning tone sounded, two… one… Flash! Another successful breach. The airlock gushed atmosphere as the corridor beyond was subjected to explosive decompression. Atmosphere wasn’t the only thing to rush out into the cold darkness of space. At least half a dozen unsuited crewmen were dragged through the airlock and ejected into space. They may be the enemy but Alec hoped the merciful embrace of death came quickly to them.

The marines surged through the airlock, into the now empty corridor beyond and took up covering positions.

“Williams! Scan!” Ordered Tanaka. Marine Williams produced a handheld device from a leg compartment of his suit and slowly turned in a circle.

The Buzzard’s armor had previously defeated the TDF’s scanning equipment. The layout of the Buzzard could not be determined without a navy ship closing with it and using a powerful penetrating radar which would have damaged any computers and storage devices on-board and irradiated the crew. The decision to carry out a manual scan after the breach wasn’t really a decision, it was the only choice. Williams was doing a sterling job and within moments Alec’s suit indicated that it had started to receive the data that would build into a complete schematic of the Buzzard. Alec took the opportunity to check the progress of his other assault teams.

The other two ‘B’ Company teams amid ship had successfully gained entry and had as yet met no opposition. On the other hand the three ‘A’ Company teams in the bow were meeting stiff resistance by space-suited crewmen armed with laser rifles.


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