Silver Yoke by Roland Cheek

Concluding novel in the Valediction For Revenge saga of Jethro Spring, featuring the life of a one time army interpreter charged with the murder of the officer responsible for the death of the interpreter’s parents. Set once more in southwestern Colorado, The Silver Yoke revisits the tragedy of Gunnar’s Mine, this time for different reasons. Once again, Jethro, known in Colorado as Jason Frost, throws himself at the gigantic mining octopus responsible for the death of his friend, Gunnar Einarssen, the original owner of Jethro Spring’s valuable gold mine. This time, however, it’s not an unequal battle — like those from the fugitive’s past — and his enemy’s mighty Empire is rocked to its core. The question becomes who will survive. Continue reading

Crisis On The Stinkingwater #5 Valediction For Revenge Series by Roland Cheek

West of the Johnson County War, and pre-dating it by a half-dozen years, was another bitter cattleman / homesteader conflict. Set amid the wild and beautiful land Wild Bill Cody later made socially palatable by changing its river’s name from the Stinkingwater to the Shoshone, Jethro Spring again seeks fortune’s breeze and reaps fury’s whirlwind. This time, however, the fugitive with a murder charge on his head comes into conflict with evil for his own behalf, not in defense of helpless others. Seeking only peace and isolation, Jethro Spring, known here by the alias Jacob Weatherby, stirs Wyoming cattlemen’s passions until both justice and the embattled homesteader’s psychic survival comes into play. Continue reading

Lincoln County Crucible 3rd in Valediction For Revenge by Roland Cheek

This story opens after the terrible Lincoln gun battle where Alexander McSween and many of his partisans perish. The notorious “Santa Fe Ring,” a crooked triumvirate composed of elements of the United States Army, Territorial government, and extortionistic merchants are in near-total control of Southeastern New Mexico. Young Jethro is undecided about staying in the country or riding into the sunset. His head tells him a man with a price on his own head should drift on. But what of the widowed Susan McSween? Or of his friend, Billy the Kid? Or of the starving Mescalero Apaches? Or of the poor Anglo and Mexican farmers strangling from the “Ring’s” bloody yoke? It was Jethro Spring’s Continue reading

Shadow of the Rope by Amanda Brenner

Charlotte Beckford watched helplessly as the man she loved was gunned down in the middle of a dusty Kansas street. In another month, they would have married. Now, as she knelt and cradled Adam’s broken body, she screamed hysterically at his murderer, swearing that she would see him hang. But Bowie Rayburn laughed at her threat, her words echoing behind him as he rode away unconcerned. After all, he thought, what could she do? She was just a girl.

Shadow of the Rope is a tale of grief, revenge, love, and forgiveness played out across the rolling plains of the frontier West. It is also a story of ultimate regret and the healing solace of time.
Continue reading

Gunnar’s Mine #4 Valediction For Revenge Series by Roland Cheek

Gunnar’s Mine opens in a newly-discovered mining region in southwestern Colorado, near Telluride. Jethro Spring is befriended by a forlorn and aloof hermit, a little Swedish emigrant, who has an isolated claim in the district. Gradually the younger man understand that his benefactor’s claim may be key to development of the district by a ruthless international mining octopus. By then Jethro Spring is committed by his admiration and love for his innocent and near-helpless friend. Despite being joined by a fiery and violent former Mexican army officer, it’s a perilous contest — even more unequal than the one Jethro faced during New Mexico’s recent “Lincoln County War.” There’s a lot going on inside and out. Continue reading

Outlaw Love by Cora Buhlert

Once Lola Laverne was the toast of Europe, singer, dancer and mistress to kings and millionaires. But those days are long over, and now Lola is rotting in a cell in Silver Dollar City, a mining town in the Old West, sentenced to hang for killing the man who tried to rape her. Men have always been Lola’s downfall. But could this really be the end for Lola Laverne? Will she perform her last dance at the end of the hangman’s rope? Or does fate have other ideas for Lola? And will she finally realize the true nature of her desires? Continue reading