Dag by Nicolas Wilson

Dagney Morgan, a sarcastic Department of Agriculture employee with an affinity for paperwork, has a chance run-in with a farmer covered in toxic chemicals, and walks away with a genetically modified baby, along with the seeds of a military-industrial conspiracy. Dagney and her makeshift family scramble to stay ahead of artificial soldiers and megalomaniacal businessmen long enough to reap
the truths behind an international web of corruption and intrigue. They also stop for pie, at one point. Continue reading

Rogue Hunter: Life Force by Kevis Hendrickson


While resting at Space Station Phoenix, Zyra Zanr comes down with a mysterious sickness. She meets Ryan Grant, the station doctor. Fearing that she is dying of a terminal disease, Zyra turns to Ryan for support. But things spiral out of control and their budding friendship explodes into a full-blown romance.

Their tryst inflames the wrath of Ryan’s jealous wife, ultimately leading to betrayal and murder. Even as her health worsens, Zyra’s uncontrollable desire for Ryan takes her down a dark path of unbridled sensuality that threatens the destruction of her very soul. Continue reading

Iguana Diplomacy by Harrison Booth

Science fiction edged with horror, black comedy and fantasy, Iguana Diplomacy sits somewhere between Iain M Banks, James Herbert and Mad Max.

A mismatched group of refugees – including a disillusioned solicitor, sardonic barge captain and laid-back hairdresser – must travel across a treacherous mountain range to safety. Behind them is a cloud of toxic smog that will melt their heads off; ahead are prowling basilisks that will turn them to stone with a single glance. With them are some people who aren’t what they seem.

It hits the ground running and doesn’t let up until the last page. Continue reading

Dream Traveler (Book 3 – The Imagination Series) by Neil Ostroff

300,000 years from now, human spirits called Phelastians are finally making peace with ape-like creatures called Dwellers. Formality requires that a twenty-first century Earthling be present as witness to the treaty. A Phelastian travels back in time and recruits Whitmore Middle School’s newest student, Jamie Richards. When a Dweller overlord sabotages the celestial link connecting Jamie to her own world, she vanishes from the signing, crumbling the negotiations, and sending her on a series of mind-bending, alternate-reality adventures. Every time Jamie Richards falls asleep, she’s bounced through time and injected into possible futures. And all of these diverse futures lead to one horrifying conclusion; the end of everything. Can Jamie save trillions of lives, prevent a war that has already occurred, and stop herself from meeting her self, all while attempting to stabilize creation and find her way home? Continue reading

Reckoning (Book 3 in The Saga of I) by Kenneth W. Cain

From out of the detritus and ruin of the Earth rises a familiar face, yet he is troubled. He knows not who he is, only what he will become should time expire. Old heroes die and a new warrior comes to the aid of his fellow man in their darkest hour. He aligns himself with his father’s teachings in order to take on a new foe and strange vampiric creatures. Will he have the courage? Will it be enough? Will it be too late? Continue reading

Since Tomorrow by Morgan Nyberg

SINCE TOMORROW is a novel of a world in the remaking. The old man, Frost, remembers the “good times”. Those who live on his “farm” among collapsed warehouses and the foundations of vanished houses struggle to maintain human values. But when others in this makeshift world are driven only by greed and the need for power, all values must ultimately be replaced by the simple instinct for survival. Continue reading

Fontaine and the Dreamtellers by Hudson Owen

An adventurer arrives on Conus as a prisoner, to toil in the pit, rows and rows of keyworkers with potty seats and gerbil tubes. Their job is to convert the dreams of the Wicks, an ancient race of dreamtellers, into code for brain patches. The computerized Topsiders, who forced the Wicks to live underground, have lost the capacity to dream and rely on the patches to function.

The head of the corporation that runs Conus vows to eliminate the Wicks and rely on computer-manufactured dreams entirely, even though those patches don’t work very well. Fontaine falls in love with Varna, a beautiful masseuse from the pit, and leads in the defense of the Wicks against the ruthless Topsider army. Continue reading

The Fourth Crystal by Kerry Dillon

Simon Hadley was but a young adolescent, when he secretly enters his father’s laboratory and attempts to cut, and inadvertently destroys, an unusual crystal taken from an archaeological dig, and is involved in an accident that unleashes ramifications that will eventually change his life forever. When he recovers, he imagines that the incident is well behind him, but ancient alien forces have been radiated into his body by the accident, and changes are already occurring without his knowledge.
Years later as a young man, as he arrives in San Francisco to take employment in a new job, he is beset by psychological pressures and bad dreams, as his shift in location brings him into contact with a fabled companion artefact to the crystal. He slowly become cognizant of the alien magic that is imbued within him, and now also senses the close existence of a third companion artefact which appears to be radiating a force of intense malignancy.
As he and his friends fall foul of the law, and of a suspect cult that is dedicated to the new artefact and its rogue owner; they become aware that the world is being challenged by this new rising evil, and they are thrust into a direct and bitter confrontation with this self-designated evil demi-god, who has aligned himself with a cartel of some of the world’s wealthiest men.
It becomes a battle of guile and innovation, as this growing colossus of evil is fearfully challenged by a reluctant and telepathic twenty-first century magician.
Continue reading