Reproductive Behavior of Captive Nicobar Pigeons, Caloenas nicobarica by Shauna S. Roberts

This book is a scan of a 1984 dissertation on mating behavior among an unusual species of pigeon that breeds in colonies. The author researched mate choice, nest building, and other mating behaviors in a captive colony of Nicobar pigeons (Caloenas nicobarica) at the Lincoln Park Zoological Gardens in Chicago from 1980 to 1982. Her research data are supplemented by information from preceding and subsequent years. In addition, this dissertation contains a literature review of previous work on the Nicobar pigeon, an ethogram consisting of a list of Nicobar pigeon behaviors and their description, and breeding histories for all individuals who had ever reproduced. The 2012 printing sold here contains a brief update of relevant literature published after 1983. Continue reading

Nine Thinkers by Hercules Bantas

Each chapter in this volume is dedicated to an idea that helped shape our world. We begin with Plato’s inspired discussion of the many faces of love in The Symposium, in which he suggests that not all love is equal. In the second chapter, Aristotle cast aside religious dogma and uses logic and reason to build a moral theory. The third chapter belongs to French philosopher and mathematician René Descartes, who argued that his essence exists in his mind alone. The fourth chapter looks at the incredibly influential Immanuel Kant and his critique of empirical and rational thought. Karl Marx’s controversial theory of class struggle follows in chapter five. Chapter six delves into Sigmund Freud’s theory of the subconscious, while chapter seven looks at Jean-Paul Sartre’s lecture ‘Existentialism is a Humanism’. John Rawls and his case for justice as fairness is the focus of the eighth chapter, while the final chapter is dedicated to Júrgen Habermas and his conception of ideal speech community. Continue reading

Brutal Wisdom: Comments on the 36 Strategies of Ancient Chinese Thought by Master “Dutch” Hinkle

IMAGINE a book of strategies SO DANGEROUS that a Chinese emperor from the past BANNED ALL mention of these ancient strategies from the history books. Why ? Because they describe some of the MOST CUNNING and MOST DEVIOUS strategies ever devised by the mind of man, and that they could possibly morally corrupt ALL who read them.

Arm yourself with this SECRET and FORBIDDEN knowledge that has given others a distinct, superior advantage. Welcome to Brutal Wisdom… Continue reading

Mental Strategies to Defeat Diet Hunger and Junk Food Cravings by Robert Dave Johnston

* Can you imagine yourself capable of facing hunger and cravings and not give in to them? * Can you imagine yourself sticking to your diet month after month without further delay or interruptions? * Can you imagine the pounds dropping off of your body like never before because you have remained consistent? * Can you imagine yourself keeping the weight off year after year and never having to struggle with your weight again? How much would all of this be worth to you? The answer is … LOTS! And helping you to achieve those goals is exactly what this book is all about. Have you tried to lose weight many times and not succeeded? Have you lost weight in the past but regained it in a matter of months? Do you find yourself gung-ho with your diet at one moment, then, just like that, succumb to hunger and or cravings? If so, then you’re in the right place. We all know that sticking to a diet long-term can be a challenge. Wanting to eat in-between meals and struggling with the imperious urge for junk food (or any other food not in your diet) are the toughest foes in any weight loss program. Particularly if you are having a bad day or are otherwise physically or emotionally tired, a sudden assault of hunger and cravings could very well cause one to stray. That is why it is important to have mental tools readily-available that can neutralize these mental enemies before they sabotage your progress. I was obese and trapped in binge-eating for nearly 25 years, so I know how demoralizing this can be. The good news is that there is a way out. Not only did I manage to lose 100 pounds, but I have kept the weight off for more than 10 years now. In this book, I share with you the mental techniques that helped me walk through temptation and discomfort WITHOUT breaking my diet and giving up on my weight loss goals. Today, these simple but powerful techniques continue to keep my food-related behaviors in check. For the first time in my life, my weight in stable and I’m no longer yo-yoing as I did for so many years. And what has worked for me and many others can also work for you. If you wish to stick to your diet and lose weight once and for all, I invite you to join me in this journey through weight loss and the mind. By practicing and mastering the techniques presented in this book, you’ll find inner strength to hang on until the temptation passes. That, in turn, will place you in a direct path with all of your weight loss and health-improvement goals. The time for your breakthrough has arrived! Continue reading

Sleeved For Life by Debra Knowlton

Sleeved For Life is essential reading for those contemplating a Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy weight loss surgery. It describes the procedure in layman’s terms, explains the various stages of recovery, walks you through the losing phase and ultimately focuses on maintenance – the final and permanent phase, most ignored by physicians and clinicians. In this entertaining book you will find out how Debra came to her decision to proceed with the surgery, what she faced as the patient of a renowned surgeon, where she turned for support, her progress through the losing phase and the challenges she faced emotionally, personally and professionally during this period. In the end, she has finally achieved her ultimate goal and learns to maintain this goal weight by continuing to practice the new lifestyle she learned during the losing phase. Continue reading

Training and Development: How to Design Effective Training for the Virtual Classroom by Shannon sonneveldt

In today’s global work environment where an increasing number of people work remotely or from home, the need for live virtual (synchronous) training solutions is growing. This handbook provides easy to read, bulleted lists and checklists of tips and best practices for designing for the live virtual classroom.

You will learn
– The similarities and differences between the traditional and virtual classroom environments.
– The basics of good instructional design practices and adult learning principles.
– Tips and best practices for designing engaging and effective training for the virtual classroom environment.
– Tips and best practices for developing useful and high impact learning materials for virtual classroom learning solutions.

This book is full of practical tips, best practice and guidance on how to design engaging and meaningful live virtual training events based on the author’s research and practical experience designing, facilitating and coaching/mentoring learning professionals in design and facilitation of live online learning.

The book is aimed at instructional designers, trainers and everyone who will be creating live online/virtual learning events but is also applicable to managers and others who wish to explore the live online learning environment. Continue reading

Sex On Soaps: Afternoon Love & Lust On Television Daytime Dramas by Matthew W. Grant

SEX ON SOAPS looks at love and lust on television daytime dramas. It’s a must read for any soap fan, student of the genre, or anyone interested in the presentation of sexual content on television.

SEX ON SOAPS is divided into four sections and includes an interactive table of contents so you can easily maneuver to desired section or subsection.


Enjoying the dual role of soap fan and soap researcher, Matthew W. Grant earned his degree in Mass Communications after completing his thesis, Sex On Soaps which includes original soap opera viewer research and analysis looking at sex on daytime soap operas.

This material examines how sex and its ramifications are presented on daytime television, how men and women perceive sex on soaps differently, and how they think this portrayal affects them. Text in this section of the book utilizes inline citations to the comprehensive soap opera bibliography which contains over 50 sources including soap opera books, media websites, communications journals, and episodes of network soap operas. An annotated version of the original Sex On Soaps Viewer Survey is included in its entirety.

The original version was compiled in 1992. This revised edition includes additional material added in 2006 and 2011.


Does your GUIDING LIGHT come from your television screen? Do your friends think your PASSIONS for soap operas are overwhelming?

This essay takes a look at soap opera morality, soap medical storylines, and the way daytime dramas tackle social issues. It concludes with the value of soap operas to society and illustrates why it’s perfectly acceptable to fill your afternoons with some LOVING and let those wonderful soap operas take you away to ANOTHER WORLD.


Discover fun facts about your favorite daytime soaps, past and present. Find out the answers to questions such as:

Which two soap operas premiered on the same day and went off the air on the same day?
Which real life twins played the same role (of a character who wasn’t a twin) on the same soap opera at different times?
Which actor, actress, and soap opera won the first Daytime Emmy Awards?
How many times was Susan Lucci of ALL MY CHILDREN nominated as Outstanding Lead Actress before she won her first Daytime Emmy?
Which four NBC soap operas were cancelled on New Year’s Eve?
Who convinced Elizabeth Taylor to guest star at Luke & Laura’s GENERAL HOSPITAL wedding? How?
Which DAYS OF OUR LIVES actress’s mother was once the headwriter of the show?
Which actress from THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS had her real-life face-lift broadcast during the show?


Find out who comes out on top when a dirty cop pulls over a take-no-prisoners bitch on a deserted country road in this bonus short story featuring a crossover storyline with characters from Matthew W. Grant’s novels Secrets Of Slaters Falls and Welcome To Northbridge.
Continue reading

The Truth About Being A Bass Fisherman’s Wife by Aris Whittier

Are You Married To A Bass Fisherman? Take heart-you are not alone…and there is help. The cure is humor. The only way to survive living with a bass fisherman is laughter: it’s the best medicine. If you have been blessed with the presence of a bass fisherman in your life, know that there are others like you that will understand your burden. As companions of bass fishermen, we are subjected to a multitude of nerve-racking situations. Some are bearable and some are not. The Truth About Being A Bass Fisherman’s Wife is an outrageous look at bass fishing through a woman’s perspective. Anyone who is married to a bass fisherman or even knows one will roar with laughter at these hilarious tales that expose the believe-it-or-not idiosyncrasies of the odd creature known as the Bass Fisherman.
Continue reading