The Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss Formula by Robert Dave Johnston

This book is Volume 2 of 7 of the series, “How To Lose Weight Fast , Keep it Off & Renew The Mind, Body & Spirit Through Fasting, Smart Eating & Practical Spirituality.”

Intermittent fasting is becoming an increasingly-popular way to lose weight quickly without having to commit to long-term diets. By cutting out some foods from your diet and then practicing periods of fasting of just a few hours per week (for starters), it is possible to lose weight very quickly. A 4 hour fast 3 times per week can actually produce weight loss of 7-to-10 pounds per month (or more depending on your body makeup).

And this is just the beginning. In ‘The Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss Formula,’ the author presents a five-prong structure of intermittent fasting that can help you get started right away, even if you work full-time, have a family and follow a very hectic schedule. Each method of Intermittent Fasting is explained, and you will also learn how to combine them for a massive powerhouse of weight loss and body detoxification.

The author also will give you ‘moment-to-moment’ guidelines you can use to carry out an intermittent fast of any length. Intermittent fasting gives you the flexibility to “sneak in” times of fasting anytime during a day, week or month. Time is on your side! In addition, for those who may have eaten poorly for years, it is easier (at first) to complete a partial fast than it is to do an extended non-interrupted one. Little baby steps eventually add up to a mile.

Those are some of the reasons why this “alternating” method of fasting is growing in popularity. If you need to lose a lot of weight, or simply have those last 10-20 pounds to shed, this book will show you exactly how to accomplish it through the powerful and amazing discipline of intermittent fasting. Continue reading

The Frugal Rules To Saving & Spending Money by L G Durand

How To Save Thousands Of Dollars & Get Out Of Debt Fast

Imagine ALWAYS having enough money to satisfy your needs, NEVER having massive credit card debt, NEVER feeling like the bank owns you. Enjoy finding NEW ways to save money, knowing now that saving money is easy.

Its not how much money you earn, its how you choose to spend the money you have that can make or break that dream. Saving money is easy when you know how. When you are ready to do something to create a more positive, debt free, wealthy future for yourself, the easy steps in this book will help guide you.

This book is for you if you want:
* to learn how to save thousands of dollars, or to pay off your home loan, personal loan, or credit cards faster by simply changing a few of your habits
* a shopping system which shows you where to get the best bargains
* a simple list to help you work out if an item is in your best interest to buy or a waste of money
* to know exciting avenues, to saving money, you may never have pursued
* to learn good habits to support you on your way to quickly paying off debilitating debt
* to learn how you can easily buy what you need when you need it and take back control of your finances
* practical, stress free steps to living debt free & to learn easy ways to save more money
* to learn from someone who lives what they teach, with fun methods that actually work
exciting new ways to save money

Who else would benefit from reading this book & saving money:
* essential reading for young adults learning how to manage their money and stay out of debt
* parents looking to inspire & teach their children how to live a debt free life
* family, or friends, helping a loved one who desperately needs to manage their money more effectively

This book is NOT for you if:
* you think that reading, without action, will boost your savings and rescue you from drowning debt
* you want advanced and difficult strategies the average person won’t implement or understand Continue reading

Sex On Soaps: Afternoon Love & Lust On Television Daytime Dramas by Matthew W. Grant

SEX ON SOAPS looks at love and lust on television daytime dramas. It’s a must read for any soap fan, student of the genre, or anyone interested in the presentation of sexual content on television.

SEX ON SOAPS is divided into four sections and includes an interactive table of contents so you can easily maneuver to desired section or subsection.


Enjoying the dual role of soap fan and soap researcher, Matthew W. Grant earned his degree in Mass Communications after completing his thesis, Sex On Soaps which includes original soap opera viewer research and analysis looking at sex on daytime soap operas.

This material examines how sex and its ramifications are presented on daytime television, how men and women perceive sex on soaps differently, and how they think this portrayal affects them. Text in this section of the book utilizes inline citations to the comprehensive soap opera bibliography which contains over 50 sources including soap opera books, media websites, communications journals, and episodes of network soap operas. An annotated version of the original Sex On Soaps Viewer Survey is included in its entirety.

The original version was compiled in 1992. This revised edition includes additional material added in 2006 and 2011.


Does your GUIDING LIGHT come from your television screen? Do your friends think your PASSIONS for soap operas are overwhelming?

This essay takes a look at soap opera morality, soap medical storylines, and the way daytime dramas tackle social issues. It concludes with the value of soap operas to society and illustrates why it’s perfectly acceptable to fill your afternoons with some LOVING and let those wonderful soap operas take you away to ANOTHER WORLD.


Discover fun facts about your favorite daytime soaps, past and present. Find out the answers to questions such as:

Which two soap operas premiered on the same day and went off the air on the same day?
Which real life twins played the same role (of a character who wasn’t a twin) on the same soap opera at different times?
Which actor, actress, and soap opera won the first Daytime Emmy Awards?
How many times was Susan Lucci of ALL MY CHILDREN nominated as Outstanding Lead Actress before she won her first Daytime Emmy?
Which four NBC soap operas were cancelled on New Year’s Eve?
Who convinced Elizabeth Taylor to guest star at Luke & Laura’s GENERAL HOSPITAL wedding? How?
Which DAYS OF OUR LIVES actress’s mother was once the headwriter of the show?
Which actress from THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS had her real-life face-lift broadcast during the show?


Find out who comes out on top when a dirty cop pulls over a take-no-prisoners bitch on a deserted country road in this bonus short story featuring a crossover storyline with characters from Matthew W. Grant’s novels Secrets Of Slaters Falls and Welcome To Northbridge.
Continue reading

Training and Development: How to Design Effective Training for the Virtual Classroom by Shannon sonneveldt

In today’s global work environment where an increasing number of people work remotely or from home, the need for live virtual (synchronous) training solutions is growing. This handbook provides easy to read, bulleted lists and checklists of tips and best practices for designing for the live virtual classroom.

You will learn
– The similarities and differences between the traditional and virtual classroom environments.
– The basics of good instructional design practices and adult learning principles.
– Tips and best practices for designing engaging and effective training for the virtual classroom environment.
– Tips and best practices for developing useful and high impact learning materials for virtual classroom learning solutions.

This book is full of practical tips, best practice and guidance on how to design engaging and meaningful live virtual training events based on the author’s research and practical experience designing, facilitating and coaching/mentoring learning professionals in design and facilitation of live online learning.

The book is aimed at instructional designers, trainers and everyone who will be creating live online/virtual learning events but is also applicable to managers and others who wish to explore the live online learning environment. Continue reading

Les Pensees Dangereuses by Sharon E. Cathcart

Part autobiography and part inspiration, “Les Pensees Dangereuses” (French for “dangerous thoughts”) is a series of essays on friendship, spirituality, education, bullying, animals, clinical depression and more. Author Sharon E. Cathcart (“In The Eye of The Beholder”) shares her thoughts, including an unfinished autobiography, “Unmasking My Phantoms: My Dance With Madness,” in this new book. Continue reading

How To Live Happily Ever After; 12 Things You Can Do to Live Forever by Lindsay Collier

This book contains 12 things you can do to live a long, healthy, happy, fulfilling, fun life. The ideas are creative, fun, and challenging and each chapter has some questions that are designed to help you along the way. The focus is mainly on those in their mature, slightly more golden years but can be very useful for others as well. It is written by someone who has spent most of his years as a creative thinking expert. Continue reading

52 Tips For Freelance Writers: A guide to simplifying and organizing your freelance writing life by Karen Banes

Are you playing with a full deck of freelance writing tricks? Is there a trick you’re missing, maybe? An ace you could be playing if only you knew about it?

This freelance writing guide is for writers who want to organize and simplify their writing life. Freelance writers need to know all the tips and tricks that will help them run their freelance writing businesses and still leave time for actually getting the writing done.

In this writing guide you’ll find tips that will help you:

Find time to dedicate to your writing.

Get more writing done each day.

Find markets to sell your writing to.

Improve your writing style.

Learn more about the craft of creative writing and the business of freelance writing.

Edit and proof your work quickly and effectively.

Run your freelance finances.

Make a difference with the writing you produce and publish.

Connect with other writers both online and off.

Organize your online life so that you can promote your writing business and still have time to write. Continue reading

Reproductive Behavior of Captive Nicobar Pigeons, Caloenas nicobarica by Shauna S. Roberts

This book is a scan of a 1984 dissertation on mating behavior among an unusual species of pigeon that breeds in colonies. The author researched mate choice, nest building, and other mating behaviors in a captive colony of Nicobar pigeons (Caloenas nicobarica) at the Lincoln Park Zoological Gardens in Chicago from 1980 to 1982. Her research data are supplemented by information from preceding and subsequent years. In addition, this dissertation contains a literature review of previous work on the Nicobar pigeon, an ethogram consisting of a list of Nicobar pigeon behaviors and their description, and breeding histories for all individuals who had ever reproduced. The 2012 printing sold here contains a brief update of relevant literature published after 1983. Continue reading

10 U.S. Government Programs: That Can Affect Your Life And Creep You Out by Michael Arangua

The government has taken many of the scientific technologies that may have started out as a benefit and transcended them to specific military purpose, thereby undermining the original and creating an environment of distrust from the American people.

One could say that the level of suspicion wasn’t always at such an elevated rate. There was a time when a majority of Americans felt a sense of confidence and security with the government, whether it was deserved or not. The amount of information that has been released or leaked that relates to questionable government practices has tainted a majority of our citizens, specifically in reference to the more recent ‘Snowden’ whistleblower data.

The more research that one does on these topics, the more is learned that while the United States government is by far not the only one involved in clandestine projects, they do act as a leader within the group. The combination of facts versus disinformation has been a major ploy that the government has taken great pride for the control of the dissemination of data.

If we are to grow as a culture, we must mature beyond tactics that cause doubt in our own country as well as others. There is a fine line between the concept of ‘security’ and an abuse of power. To regain trust, those that are the ‘keepers’ of the information need to allow better transparency, otherwise the adage of ‘absolute power corrupts absolutely’ will be our path of the future.
Continue reading