10 U.S. Government Programs: That Can Affect Your Life And Creep You Out by Michael Arangua

The government has taken many of the scientific technologies that may have started out as a benefit and transcended them to specific military purpose, thereby undermining the original and creating an environment of distrust from the American people.

One could say that the level of suspicion wasn’t always at such an elevated rate. There was a time when a majority of Americans felt a sense of confidence and security with the government, whether it was deserved or not. The amount of information that has been released or leaked that relates to questionable government practices has tainted a majority of our citizens, specifically in reference to the more recent ‘Snowden’ whistleblower data.

The more research that one does on these topics, the more is learned that while the United States government is by far not the only one involved in clandestine projects, they do act as a leader within the group. The combination of facts versus disinformation has been a major ploy that the government has taken great pride for the control of the dissemination of data.

If we are to grow as a culture, we must mature beyond tactics that cause doubt in our own country as well as others. There is a fine line between the concept of ‘security’ and an abuse of power. To regain trust, those that are the ‘keepers’ of the information need to allow better transparency, otherwise the adage of ‘absolute power corrupts absolutely’ will be our path of the future.
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Mental Strategies to Defeat Diet Hunger and Junk Food Cravings by Robert Dave Johnston

* Can you imagine yourself capable of facing hunger and cravings and not give in to them? * Can you imagine yourself sticking to your diet month after month without further delay or interruptions? * Can you imagine the pounds dropping off of your body like never before because you have remained consistent? * Can you imagine yourself keeping the weight off year after year and never having to struggle with your weight again? How much would all of this be worth to you? The answer is … LOTS! And helping you to achieve those goals is exactly what this book is all about. Have you tried to lose weight many times and not succeeded? Have you lost weight in the past but regained it in a matter of months? Do you find yourself gung-ho with your diet at one moment, then, just like that, succumb to hunger and or cravings? If so, then you’re in the right place. We all know that sticking to a diet long-term can be a challenge. Wanting to eat in-between meals and struggling with the imperious urge for junk food (or any other food not in your diet) are the toughest foes in any weight loss program. Particularly if you are having a bad day or are otherwise physically or emotionally tired, a sudden assault of hunger and cravings could very well cause one to stray. That is why it is important to have mental tools readily-available that can neutralize these mental enemies before they sabotage your progress. I was obese and trapped in binge-eating for nearly 25 years, so I know how demoralizing this can be. The good news is that there is a way out. Not only did I manage to lose 100 pounds, but I have kept the weight off for more than 10 years now. In this book, I share with you the mental techniques that helped me walk through temptation and discomfort WITHOUT breaking my diet and giving up on my weight loss goals. Today, these simple but powerful techniques continue to keep my food-related behaviors in check. For the first time in my life, my weight in stable and I’m no longer yo-yoing as I did for so many years. And what has worked for me and many others can also work for you. If you wish to stick to your diet and lose weight once and for all, I invite you to join me in this journey through weight loss and the mind. By practicing and mastering the techniques presented in this book, you’ll find inner strength to hang on until the temptation passes. That, in turn, will place you in a direct path with all of your weight loss and health-improvement goals. The time for your breakthrough has arrived! Continue reading

The Great Space Race by Don Dennis

Did you know that the US Government intentionally prevented Wernher von Braun from launching a satellite a year before Sputnik? Or that mousetrap springs were used in the Vanguard rocket to save costs?

With links to videos on a supporting website, this e-book takes full advantage of the multimedia capability of the new generation of e-readers. For those without video capability, codes are provided to enable viewing on PC.

The narrative follows missile development and the politics of the emerging space sciences in the USA and the Soviet Union from 1945 through to the moon landings and beyond.

At the end of WW2 the US Army captured the German V-2 rocket research centre at Peenemunde just weeks ahead of the Soviets. Within days they’d stripped the site and shipped train loads of rocket components to the United States. Their most valuable prize however, was Wernher von Braun, head of the German V-2 program, and his team of scientists. Along with thousands of vital documents, this group was flown to America to work in an Army research facility at El Paso, New Mexico.

When Peenemunde was handed over to the Soviets as part of the allied post war agreement, they found the cupboard literally bare. It was up to Sergei Korolev, head designer for Soviet rocket research, to examine what was left and re-create the V-2’s design. Leading a team of Soviet and captured German scientists, within a year they’d built a Russian version of the V-2, and the race for missile supremacy with the United States had begun.

Part One – Into Orbit – describes the competition between the USA and the Soviet Union up to the launch of Sputnik, Explorer and Vanguard. It also follows the careers of the men behind both nation’s rocket research programmes – Wernher von Braun and Sergei Korolev. This was an era when the USA believed they were so far ahead of the Soviets that a false sense of security had enveloped the nation. America had the A-bomb and estimated it would take the Soviets at least 10 years to develop their own. Instead the Russians did it in 4 years.

Fear gripped America, making way for the climate of paranoia when senator McCarthy began his Communist witch-hunt, and a civil defence program tried to convince the population that there was no need to be afraid of the “bomb”. The somewhat tragic-comedy “Duck and Cover” campaign is described, along with links to the video productions used to educate the youth of the era. An interesting perspective is also given by Sergei Khrushchev, son of the former Soviet Premier.

Even though the Soviets now possessed nuclear weapons, America continued to opt for manned bombers as their prime means of delivery, with only a nominal commitment to missile development. The US government ignored von Braun’s warnings that the Soviets were ahead in rocket research and his requests to use a satellite launcher he’d developed were continually refused.

It took the launching of Sputnik 1 in October 1957, to shake the Americans out of their complacency, only for them to realize they’d been eclipsed by the Russians. Panic gripped the nation as Sputnik 1 orbited, and a month later Sputnik 2, containing the dog Laika, caused a public outcry. America, that bastion of freedom and supposed world leader in technology had been outclassed by “a nation of potato farmers”.

After the first attempt by the US to orbit their Vanguard satellite ended in an embarrassing explosion on the pad, von Braun was given the go ahead. In less than 90 days, using the same rocket he’d tested almost two years earlier, his team orbited Explorer 1.

100 photos and over 10 hours of video.
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The Truth About Being A Bass Fisherman’s Wife by Aris Whittier

Are You Married To A Bass Fisherman? Take heart-you are not alone…and there is help. The cure is humor. The only way to survive living with a bass fisherman is laughter: it’s the best medicine. If you have been blessed with the presence of a bass fisherman in your life, know that there are others like you that will understand your burden. As companions of bass fishermen, we are subjected to a multitude of nerve-racking situations. Some are bearable and some are not. The Truth About Being A Bass Fisherman’s Wife is an outrageous look at bass fishing through a woman’s perspective. Anyone who is married to a bass fisherman or even knows one will roar with laughter at these hilarious tales that expose the believe-it-or-not idiosyncrasies of the odd creature known as the Bass Fisherman.
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Thanksgiving: A Tale of Salvation by Elaine Reeves

What would you do if you were in a situation where if you told the truth you would be guaranteed a bed in a psych ward? What would you do if your son was on front line of the battle ground of a war that was waging your own home? Take a journey with Elaine Reeves as she travels from being an innocent happy child to a troubled adult who is being pulled into the pit of hell. Will she be able to battle the demons and save the lives of her family before it is too late? Where do you turn for hope when you are faced with darkness? This short nonfiction will give you the answers that you are looking for. Continue reading

How to Lose 30 Pounds (Or More) in 30 Days With Juice Fasting by Robert Dave Johnston

In How to Lose 30 Pounds (Or More) in 30 Days With Juice Fasting (Second Edition), I give you a straightforward A to Z guide to juice fasting, including topics such as:

* Understanding the power of fruits and vegetables and their nutrients
*Preparing a standard juicing recipe for maximum weight loss and detoxification
*How to prepare the juice with a home juicer or extractor
*How much juice to drink daily and how often
*Detox symptoms that you are likely to experience and tips to overcome them
*Motivational messages to guide you through the process
* Instructions on how to break the fast appropriately
*The importance of making permanent eating-habit changes after the fast
* Why it’s normal to gain a few pounds after the fast and how to minimize it
* How a clean diet can help the body reshape itself and maintain a lower weight

And much more!

you are brand new to juice fasting, or even if you have fasted before,
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Brutal Wisdom: Comments on the 36 Strategies of Ancient Chinese Thought by Master “Dutch” Hinkle

IMAGINE a book of strategies SO DANGEROUS that a Chinese emperor from the past BANNED ALL mention of these ancient strategies from the history books. Why ? Because they describe some of the MOST CUNNING and MOST DEVIOUS strategies ever devised by the mind of man, and that they could possibly morally corrupt ALL who read them.

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Distracted Driving: The Multi-Tasking Myth by Luke Russell

We all want to believe we can drive responsibly and monitor distractions. But our attention is limited by nature, and we are often very subtly distracted from noticing things right in front of us. Depending on what you’re doing while you’re driving, you could literally miss seeing a giraffe grazing on the roadside. Because of distractions, many people have failed to see a gorilla beating its chest right in front of them, and this is no joke.

We really are not good multi-taskers when our attention is spread over tasks that require dedicated attention. That’s why conversations on cellphones turn out to be a serious distraction to drivers. Read this book and see what you think. And then see what you think about whether it’s fair to the rest of the people in your car or on the road when you allow yourself to be distracted in the special way that cellphones can distract. Continue reading

Organizational Mental Floss; How to Squeeze Your Organization’s Thinking Juices by Lindsay Collier

Organizational Mental Floss is a virtual candy store of ideas to help organizations tap the creative potential of their people to create great futures for their organizations. Managers, team leaders, consultants, facilitators and anyone interested in change will love the ideas this book. Lindsay has extensive experience as an expert in creativity, innovation, and change in organizations. You’ll find this book to be very entertaining and full of some very different thoughts and techniques that will really take you to some places you’ve not yet been. And, it will be a very pleasant journey! Continue reading

Les Pensees Dangereuses by Sharon E. Cathcart

Part autobiography and part inspiration, “Les Pensees Dangereuses” (French for “dangerous thoughts”) is a series of essays on friendship, spirituality, education, bullying, animals, clinical depression and more. Author Sharon E. Cathcart (“In The Eye of The Beholder”) shares her thoughts, including an unfinished autobiography, “Unmasking My Phantoms: My Dance With Madness,” in this new book. Continue reading