And They Called Her Spider by Michael Coorlim

Galvanic Century is set in an alternate steampunk world where the reign of Queen Victoria has extended well into the early 20th century. As the world edges inexorably towards a World War that few can even begin to anticipate, brave men and women must contend with airship pirates, clockwork assassins, galvanic monsters, and anarchist madmen.

In their debut adventure, London is in the grip of an unstoppable assassin known only as the Spider, and consulting detectives James Wainwright and Alton Bartleby have been commissioned to catch her.

Can the surly inventor and savvy gentleman track her down and stop her string of murders, or will Queen Victoria be her next victim? Continue reading

Pulp by Neil Ostroff

Struggling thriller writer Kevin Turner just received a panicked call from his ex-girlfriend Tina, a self-proclaimed clairvoyant prostitute. One of her clients, the mayor’s married son, died in her bed and she needs Kevin’s help to dispose of the body. As if Kevin doesn’t have enough problems. His current girlfriend is the spouse of the gay woman who signs his meager paycheck, his sixth credit card has hit its limit, he received word that his eight-month wait for his second advance check was being withheld by Gotham Publishing until he made the absurd changes in his manuscript that they wanted, and he just discovered his recently deceased father, who Tina claims she’s in contact with, owes ten grand from an internet gambling debt, which Kevin would now have to figure a way to pay. When Kevin discovers Tina’s psychotic brother has chopped up the body, and the police are finding the pieces spread across the suburbs, it sets off a chain of events more bizarre and horrifying than the plot of one of Kevin’s own novels. Continue reading

The K Street Killer, a Jim McGill Novel by Joseph Flynn

Somebody in Washington is updating Shakespeare. The first thing he wants to do is kill all the lobbyists. Knocking off three of them in consecutive weeks, he’s off to a fast start. On the lapel of each victim, the killer leaves a pin that, arguably, resembles Porky Pig.

The Metro police are on the case when Putnam Shady steps forward and identifies the third victim as a friend. Authority averse, Putnam gives the cops only bare bones information — but he tells Margaret “Sweetie” Sweeney that he thinks he will be the next victim.

The reason, he explains, is quite simple. There are two plans afoot to seize control of the federal government. At the center of one plan is the speaker of the House of Representatives. The group behind the other plan consisted of Putnam and his three dead colleagues.

Sweetie vows to protect Putnam. She enlists Jim McGill, the president’s henchman, to find out who is behind the murders. But then McGill’s whole world is turned upside down. His son, Kenny, is diagnosed with leukemia.

President Patricia Grant’s life is only slightly less tumultuous. Her enemies force her to leave the Republican Party. Erna Godfrey implicates her husband, Reverend Burke Godfrey, in the killing of Patti’s first husband, Andrew Hudson Grant. But Reverend Godfrey refuses to go down without a fight.

Amidst the turmoil, Welborn Yates and Kira Fahey schedule their marriage — and inevitably have to deal with wedding crashers. Continue reading

The Mists of Adriana by Roger M Woodbury

The principal character is a former soldier (Vietnam) now approaching the autumn of his years. By choice he lives a semi-reclusive life living in a small house on the ocean near Acadia National Park in Maine. He often drives around Mt. Desert Island in the early morning taking photographs or just enjoying the early morning light. On one of these drives sees by the side of the road a car stopped, its female occupant staring at the rear tire which is flat. He stops to assist and after she is ready to move on her way, she invites him to Portland, 150 miles distant to have the lunch with her she feels his kindness deserves. Reluctantly he makes the trip and begins the relationship with a this woman to whom he feels drawn. It is then, as the relationship deepens, that he relearns a lesson learned many years ago on the battlefields and in the fog of war: often when things seem too good to be true, they often are. The mysterious and attractive Adriana holds much fascination for him and their relationship begins to bloom when events from her past reappear although she has tried so hard to get away from them. His attraction to her is so strong that despite the warning signs he continues to try to find his way through “The Mists of Adriana” to a climax and conclusion that gives him answers while leaving much still shrowded in the mist. “The Mists of Adriana” is the first in a series the second of which will be available by summer, 2013. Continue reading

Flights of Madness by Cora Buhlert

Five flights, five stories, five descents into madness

A suicidal banker takes one last flight to end his life in a place where no one knows him. But the lady in the seat next to him might just make his suicide plans obsolete…

Carrie Ragnarok, spy extraordinaire, just wanted to relax on the plane taking her from one assignment to the next. But when a passenger flips out, her special skills are needed once more…

Drunken and rude passengers aboard a plane are a nightmare. But it’s even worse when you happen to be the unlucky person seated right next to a rude drunkard. And once the rude drunkard starts to harass you, it’s easy to lose your temper…

Flight attendant used to be her dream job. But for Tania, that dream has long turned into a nightmare of stressful working hours and rude passengers. Then, one day during a flight taking holidaymakers to Mallorca, Tania decides that she has had enough…

Moorwick South has a reputation as a haunted airport, surrounded by treacherous swamps, a place where strange things happen. But its approach lights have always held a special meaning for Sam. Until the night they lure him to his doom…

Warning: There are a few rude words and sexual references in some of the stories, so the easily offended should tread carefully. Continue reading

Bodies: Book #1: Staged Fright by Sameer Ketkar

“Bodies” is a quirky new murder-mystery series that’s equal parts HBO’s “Big Love” and “NCIS.” You’ve seen cop shows. Now imagine three members of the same investigative team getting into a threesome and deciding to keep it going as a longterm three-way relationship. Throw in a bioterror threat and a quirky family drama, and you’ve got “Bodies,” the summer’s hottest new murder-mystery drama!

Diseased corpse at 5-star hotel? Check. Bioterror connection and radical Islamist YouTube videos? Check. Potential outbreak, citywide lockdown, and CDC race to find a treatment? Check. Three members of the same investigative team getting into a threesome and deciding to turn it into an ongoing relationship? Um……..check!

“Bodies” is an oddball murder-mystery series with a sexy twist. Equal parts “NCIS” and HBO’s “Big Love,” the story focuses on an eccentric family, the Callahans.

Larkin and Tigh Callahan, the matriarch and patriarch respectively, head up the C.D.C.’s Crisis Response Team. But when a bioterror threat in their hometown forces them to team up with a Homeland Security agent named Corban Banks, sparks begin to fly! In more ways than one!

Find out how it all started today in “Bodies: Book #1: Staged Fright!” Continue reading

Brittle Shadows by Vicki Tyley

When soon-to-be-wed Tanya Clark is confronted with her fiancé’s naked corpse hanging from a wardrobe rail in the upmarket Melbourne apartment they share, her life is torn apart. Two months later, distraught and unable to cope, she drowns her sorrows in a lethal cocktail of alcohol and prescription drugs.

On the other side of Australia, a grieving Jemma Dalton struggles to come to terms with the suicide of her only sibling. Despite there being no evidence to the contrary, Jemma refuses to accept Tanya had intended to kill herself. Not her sister. Then the coroner’s report reveals that at the time of her death she had been six weeks pregnant. The will, too, raises more questions than it answers. How did a young woman on a personal assistant’s wage amass shares worth in excess of $1,000,000?

In a desperate bid to uncover the truth, Jemma puts her own life at risk and starts to probe the shadows of her sister’s life. But shadows, like bones, grow brittle with age. The consequences can be deadly. Continue reading

Mark Taylor: Genesis by M.P. McDonald

Mark Taylor’s life changes forever when he finds an antique camera in an Afghan bazaar. Back home in Chicago, he discovers that the camera has a strange and unique ability–it produces photographs of tragedies yet to happen. What else can he do but attempt to save lives and thwart catastrophe?

Thrilled with this new superhero-like power to change the future, Mark decides to keep the mysterious camera and its miraculous capability a secret…even when it means risking his own life. But with only 24 hours to act, what if he fails to prevent the greatest tragedy his country has ever experienced? Continue reading

Stalked by R.A. McCormick

There are 3.4 million stalking cases reported each year in the U.S. How does a stalker choose its victim? What about this person catches the stalker’s attention? That is the question that Savannah Sloan asks herself daily as she tries to survive her ordeal.
Savannah Sloan is a respected Orthopaedic surgeon in Atlanta, Georgia. On the outside she has the perfect life, a great job, a successful husband, and an adoring stepson, but like everyone else, she has the usual problems with family, children, and marriage. Unlike the majority of us, lurking in the dark is someone who wants to destroy her life.
Her nightmare begins with a few unnerving phone calls that quickly escalate into acts of violence. Savannah’s husband David is unsupportive and she feels frightened and alone. She gets very little help from the police and more often than not, insinuations that the stalking is either in her head, or she is somehow responsible for it. She finds herself leaning on her longtime friend and colleague, Dr. Matthew Calloway, for support and protection. Matt has been in love with Savannah since college and only wants her to be safe and happy. He is more than willing to be her protector and hopes that it will develop into a deeper relationship.
As the stalking escalates to violence, we watch the usually optimistic and trusting Savannah start to doubt herself and all of those around her. As her health and emotional stability deteriorate she struggles to protect herself and the ones that she loves. Will the stalker succeed in destroying her life or will Savannah be strong enough to save herself?
Continue reading