Wild Horseback Ride by Walt Lamberg

This collection of short stories presents a variety of characters and experiences, often with a measure of humor. In “Wild Horseback Ride” a young boy, who loves to play cowboys and Indians, gets closer to a horse than he wants to be. In “Promise,” a graduate student in English learns the full meaning of the word “promise.” In “T for Texas, T for Tyrone, Too,” a new teacher at a community college is mistaken for a former teacher, with laughable consequences.

In “Dr. Parsons’ Heart,” an assistant professor meets his worse nightmare, a full professor who is an equal opportunity bigot. In “Downsized,” a laid off man wonders if he will ever feel needed again. In “Alex’s Desk,’ a man finds a new job and an unusual office-mate.

In “Haroon, the Manager,” a man rises to his highest level of incompetence and is promoted to the position of manager. In “Networking” a soon to be laid off worker follows the common advice to network. In “The Zen Guitar Lesson,” a student gains knowledge both of the guitar and himself.

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An Echo Through the Trees by Michael Galloway

This is the story of Chase Krause, a man who sets out with his best friend, Josh, to camp for a weekend deep in the snow-filled wilderness. What starts off as the hunt of a lifetime quickly becomes the struggle of a lifetime. At the same time, Chase is forced to grapple with a nearly non-existent relationship with his father.

Set against the backdrop of Minnesota’s picturesque north woods, it is a story of fathers and sons, broken relationships and healing, and triumph over circumstance. More importantly, it is a story of letting go. Continue reading

Like Mayflies in a Stream by Shauna Roberts

Gilgamesh, king of Uruk, epitomizes masculine physical perfection, but his character falls far short of the mark. His subjects fear him because he’s become a tyrant. Priestess Shamhat wants to free Uruk from oppression, but she fears the repercussions if she acts against the brutal king. Then Uruk hears of a desert wild man, Gilgamesh’s equal in size and strength. Gilgamesh thinks the man, Enkidu, can relieve his boredom; Shamhat hopes Enkidu can humble the king. Enkidu becomes a pawn in the struggle between Gilgamesh and Shamhat, and the future of Uruk hangs in the balance. Continue reading

A Darker Moon by J.S. Watts

Abe Finchley is a damaged man, an orphan with no roots and no family ties. When he finally meets the woman he has been looking for all his life, he finds not just love and passion, but a dark and violent family history that spans generations into humanity’s deepest past.

Eve is the woman of his dreams; but dream is just another word for nightmare, and Abe knows all about those. Amidst a confused web of lies and secrets, Abe is trying to discover who he is and make sense of what he may become. More than just his future and his new-found love is at stake. When he discovers that he has a brother, a man bound by divine destiny to kill him, Abe is going to have to make a difficult choice. A choice that might redeem the world. A choice that just might destroy it.

A Darker Moon is a dark, psychological fantasy. A mythical tale of light and shadow and the unlit places where it is best not to shine even the dimmest light.
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