Blood Cell by Shaun Tennant

Josh Farewell is a three-time escapee who boasts that no prison can hold him. Once he’s locked inside C-Pod at Pittman Penitentiary, surrounded by murderers and gangs, he soon realizes that his skills will be put to the test.

After the inmates take over the pod in a brutal riot, they realize too late that they are not alone in C-Pod. Something is hunting the inmates. Something hungry.

Surrounded by dangerous and untrustworthy felons, Josh must find a way to escape before the thing in the darkness kills them all.

And the night is only beginning. Continue reading

Zombie Town by Griffin Carmichael

From city to suburbia, zombies are all the rage as they rampage on their quest for sustenance, taking down strangers, friends and neighbors alike, without pity or remorse.

Here are nine short stories about the times when the dead walk and the living fear.

MY BIG FAT ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE: What better place to be when the dead rise than the local fitness center.

THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT CAROL: Suburban life can be deadly dull. Or maybe just deadly.

FIGGY PUDDING: Holidays are known for feasting and jubilation, but one restaurant manager comes to regret keeping the doors open one Christmas eve.

NEITHER RAIN NOR: Public servants are said to be a dedicated lot, but carrying on with business as usual after the zombie apocalypse is taking it a bit too far.

SILENT: Little children look forward to a visit from Santa with great anticipation, but there’s nothing good coming down the chimney this year.

DARKNESS FALLS: Even a sturdy fallout shelter isn’t any protection when the super flu everybody’s been predicting lays waste to the world.

FLASHLIGHT: All she wanted was a flashlight so she could see what all the ruckus outside was about. Sometimes it’s better to remain in the dark.

IN THE MEADOW: Winter has come to a small Nebraskan town, bringing huge snowfalls. But nobody is in the mood to build a snowman.

RITUALS FOR THE LIVING: Long after the dead have risen, the survivors learn to cope with new ways of living and dying. Continue reading

2013: Beyond Armageddon by Robert Ryan

WARNING: Please do not read this novel unless you have an open mind about religion. Whatever your beliefs, it will challenge them.

Evil exists. Its name is Satan. Can he be stopped?

December 21, 2012. The world did not end. But it changed forever. For better or worse?

FACT: The alignment of the Earth, the Sun, and the galactic equator on the winter solstice of 2012 was one that occurs only once every 26,000 years. That made it the first such conjunction in the history of civilization. In a calendar that runs for five thousand years, the Mayans chose it as the end of days. They called it Creation Day. But creation of what? What lies beyond this cosmic threshold? Apocalypse or Salvation?

Find the stunning answer in 2013: Beyond Armageddon as it takes us on the ultimate archaeological dig: the dig for Hell.

October 1947. Two ancient scrolls are discovered that give proof:



Their war began in the untime. Long before the universe existed, God’s beloved archangel and his legion rebelled and were cast into Hell. And Lucifer became Satan. Now the day of reckoning has come. Can the forces of Good defeat a seemingly unstoppable Evil?

2013: Beyond Armageddon takes Zeke Sloan on a demon-stalked quest to confront the root of all evil. From Satanic murders in Washington, D.C. to a necropolis deep beneath Jerusalem–where a man believing he is John the Baptist communes with God, and the dead await their Messiah. Then deeper, to the lowest point on earth: the Dead Sea. Then deeper still. For it is far below the mysterious body of water the Greeks called the Devil’s Sea that the final battle will take place.


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The King of Pain (A Journey to Hell & Back Through the Mind’s Eye) Volume 1- The Descent by Robert Dave Johnston

The King of Pain, “The Descent” is Volume One of the series, A Journey to Hell & Back Through the Mind’s Eye. This is the haunting (and often disturbing) story of a nameless, faceless character caught in the grip of nihilism and horrific self-destruction.

Once you open the first page and enter into his mind, you are sucked right into the horror and madness. You are invited into the character’s twisted and tormented soul, where you’ll experience evil and atrocities unspeakable. Always accompanied by his faithful Russian Blue cat “Uncle Joey,” they make their way through a maze or sordid characters, many who wish him only further destruction, while a select few are there to help him escape, including Father Corbin, a rogue priest with special spiritual insight and abilities.

Encounter angels and demons, experience the end of the world and enter the character’s soul, where he comes face-to-face with the ultimate archenemy. Will he make it out of his nightmarish world of insanity? Or will his enemies triumph and drag his soul to hell? That and much more in Volume 1 of The King of Pain, A Journey to Hell & Back Through The Mind’s Eye – “The Descent”

This is the story of physical and invisible torment; hell on earth and hell inside the soul; hell imagined and hell manifested in reality by the force of hatred and rage.

This volume introduces a nameless, faceless character that calls himself The King of Pain. Comfortable in the horrid hideout known as Hell House, we see that he’s trapped in a deadly web of self destruction at the hands of what he calls life-juice, powders and pebbles, the latter consumed via a crystal pipe he refers to as ‘The Lady.’

While initially he feels sly and in control, the lies, self-deception, evil deeds and debauchery prick his soul with relentless waves of guilt, remorse and shame. These, for their part, produce a deep hopelessness that breeds more putrid thoughts and emotions, all of which point toward inevitable destruction and eternal perdition. The increasing rage in his heart therefore becomes the ‘fuel’ he uses to create macabre ‘theories’ and horrific visions of murder and unbridled bloodshed.

With ‘Uncle Joey,’ at his side, he travels through the dregs of humanity and finds solace in all that is filthy and deplorable; the junkie ecosystem, a throng of parasitic people feeding off each other in that ominous Building #1, the abode of a certain old man named Ralphy, known by all as The Cockroach Prince.

As the maze of characters gets more dangerous and some seek to destroy him, there are players behind the scenes that believe he can overcome, including his eccentric mother Marina, an unknown yet benevolent ghost, Father Corbin, an unconventional priest with unique spiritual abilities and insight, and Slade, the Indian Warrior who tries to introduce him to the purging ceremonies of his people.

The character’s only human support comes from friends like Jim, a half-white, half-Cherokee freight train of violence and frantic drug consumption; Martin, the chronically-addicted former mob boss and city overlord, and Jonathon, a newly-orphaned youth who has given up on life.

But time is running out. As the character’s self destruction breeds greater psychological suffering, the visions turn darker and more sinister; demonic apparitions appear in his Mind’s Eye and even in tangible reality. He is catapulted into the center of his existence where he comes face to face with the ultimate archenemy.

Sometimes Reality, Is The Hardest Thing to Face
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Deadfall by Shaun Jeffrey

A team of mercenaries race to an abandoned mining village to rescue two children held hostage by rogue ex-soldiers. But the kidnappers are a ruse, the real threat more terrifying than any of them could imagine.

Aided by a couple of unsuspecting eco-warriors, mercenary team leader Amber Redgrave must fight to survive against foes that don’t sleep and don’t feel pain.

Now as the body count rises, so do the stakes, and when the dead won’t stay dead, there’s going to be hell to pay. Continue reading

Bobby’s Trace by Edward C. Patterson

Do ghosts mourn the living? Perry Chaplin is in mourning for his life partner, Bobby – a time of stress, notwithstanding. The more he drifts, the more he becomes unhinged until he’s one room short of a rubber one. “Get a grip, Perry.” So he takes his chances on a blind date, which further plunges him along the nightmare highway. He gets an unsought lesson in life-after-death that turns his bereavement into a horrific adventure. Come peek through Perry Chaplin’s mysterious window. See what there is to see. Enter Our Lady of Perpetual Grace, where the holy water boils and the confessionals whisper. What lurks in the rectory’s attic? What lies beneath the surface of life and death? What comes in Bobby’s – in Bobby’s trace? Do ghosts mourn the living? Perry Chaplin knows. Will you?

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Initiation – Bonfire Academy Book One by Imogen Rose

Welcome to Bonfire Academy!

Set in the foothills of the alpine mountains in St.Moritz, this exclusive private school caters to a special kind of student. This supernatural prep is populated by international students from the most elite of society who are blessed… and cursed by bloodlines of the most powerful families in the world. The rule is simple… Trust No One.

WARNING: This YA story is set in a school for paranormals who are very different from normal human teens. Thus, the language and some scenes might not be appropriate for younger YA readers. Recommended for those sixteen and above.

INITIATION is the first book in the prequel series (Bonfire Academy) of the Bonfire Chronicles. Continue reading

The Gate by Jason Brant

Bryan Armstrong and Kyle Detwiler, two college students on the cusp of graduation, are the lucky winners of a contest to become interns on the paranormal television show The Specter Slayers.

Their excitement turns to jubilation when they discover that they’ll be aiding in the investigation of The Danver Church, one of the most haunted places in America. Nestled in the remote mountains of Pennsylvania, the church is world renowned for the massacre that occurred there forty years earlier.

Accompanied by best-selling horror author Katie Upshaw, they attempt to survive a dream job that quickly turns into a nightmare. The church, adorned with satanic symbols and imagery, is the home of things far worse than any of them could have imagined. Continue reading