Not Wisely but Too Well by Pauline Montagna

How did Will Shakspere of Stratford-upon-Avon, the son of illiterate parents, with barely a grammar school education, become the greatest playwright the English theatre will ever know? How did he learn his craft? How did he gain the knowledge his plays display? What was his own experience of the love, passion, pain and ambition he wrote into every line?
This is the story of how that journey began.
Having run foul of the local authorities, Will Shakspere is driven out of his home town in the English midlands. Leaving behind his first love, his wife and his three young children, he goes to London where he is welcomed into the Burbage family whose patriarch, James Burbage, has built London’s first playhouse.
There Will finds himself at the centre of the English theatre, its touring companies, its revolutionary playwrights, its creativity, passions and rivalries. There he meets the men that will steer him towards his destiny, the actor Richard Burbage, and the playwright, Christopher Marlowe. There he finds not only love, passion and pain, but his muse and inspiration.
And it is there that he sets out on a path that will take him deep into the labyrinthine politics of Elizabeth’s court.
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The Golden Lynx by C. P. Lesley


Russia, 1534. Elite clans battle for control of the toddler who will become their first tsar, Ivan the Terrible. Amid the chaos and upheaval, a masked man mysteriously appears night after night to aid the desperate people.

Or is he a man?

Sixteen-year-old Nasan Kolychev is trapped in a loveless marriage. To escape her misery, she dons boys’ clothes and slips away under cover of night to help those in need. She never intends to do more than assist a few souls and give her life purpose. But before long, Nasan finds herself caught up in events that will decide the future of Russia.

And so, a girl who has become the greatest hero of her time must decide whether to save a baby destined to become the greatest villain of his.
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By Blood or By Bond by Hazel B. West

Which ties are stronger—those of Blood or those of Bond. Caolán, the son of a Celtic chieftain, awaits his first pitched battle against the Roman invaders, knowing that this is the moment in which he will truly become a warrior, of the tribe. Viggo Callias is a seasoned centurion in the Roman army on his first deployment to Britain with his newly enlisted son, Aulus. Serving under an incompetent commander, he wonders whether victory will be theirs. But fate takes a hand in both Caolán and Viggo’s lives when Viggo’s son is killed by a spear meant for him. Enraged at the loss of his son, Viggo seeks vengeance on the man responsible: Caolán’s father. As the chieftain breathes his last, Viggo vows to take Caolán as a slave to avenge Aulus’ untimely death. Torn from his country and people, Caolán’s only comfort is the hope that one day he will be able to avenge his father. But can the greatest wrongs be righted? Brotherly bonds, gladiators, old enemies, corrupt politicians and a young woman who captures Caolán’s heart, take a role in the physical and emotional journey that binds Caolán’s and Viggo’s fates together. Can the two wounded parties work past their hatred of each other and find what they have lost: a father and a son? This new novel by Hazel West, explores the familial ties that bind us all, whether by blood or by bond Continue reading

The Cross and the Dragon by Kim Rendfeld

A tale of love in an era of war and blood feuds.

Francia, 778: Alda has never forgotten Ganelon’s vow of vengeance when she married his rival, Hruodland. Yet the jilted suitor’s malice is nothing compared to Alda’s premonition of disaster for her beloved, battle-scarred husband.

Although the army invading Hispania is the largest ever and King Charles has never lost a war, Alda cannot shake her anxiety. Determined to keep Hruodland from harm, even if it exposes her to danger, Alda gives him a charmed dragon amulet.

Is its magic enough to keep Alda’s worst fears from coming true—and protect her from Ganelon?

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Cherries – A Vietnam War Novel by John Podlaski

When a soldier leaves for war, those left behind often wonder what their loved ones are experiencing. Letters home are always cheerful and vague – no sense in worrying the family. Then upon returning home, these young soldiers do not want to talk about their experiences. Family and friends allege they are now distant, changed, and not the same person they remember from several months earlier. What causes this?
Although the backdrop for this novel is the Vietnam War, “Cherries” exist in every war. They are the young “Newbie” soldiers, who are trained for war. However, most are not ready to absorb the harsh physical, mental and emotional stress of war. Once they come under fire and witness death firsthand, a life-changing
transition begins. This eye-opening account offers readers an in-depth look into the everyday struggles of these young infantry soldiers. You’ll feel their fear, awe, drama, and sorrow, witness the bravery and sometimes laugh at their humor.
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A Kingdom’s Cost by J. R. Tomlin

Scotland is occupied; Scottish resistance is crushed.

Eighteen-year-old James Douglas can only watch as the Scottish freedom fighter, William Wallace, is hanged, drawn, and quartered. But even under the heel of a brutal English conqueror, the Scots may still have one hope for freedom: the rightful King of the Scots, Robert the Bruce. James swears fealty to the man he believes can lead the fight against English tyranny.

The Bruce is soon a fugitive, king only in name. The woman James loves is captured and imprisoned. Yet James believes their cause is not lost. He blazes a path in blood and violence, cunning and ruthlessness as he leads a guerrilla war to restore Scotland’s freedom. James knows if he is captured he will share Wallace’s fate, but what he truly fears is that he has become as merciless as the conqueror he fights. Continue reading

The Dogged And The Damned by Roland Cheek

A tale inspired by the tragic story of a World War II combat soldier suffering the effects of what was, at the time, a little studied psycholocal impairment that today we call Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It’s about a federal veterans psychiatric hospital and its well-meaning staff. And it’s about the soldier’s war at home as he repeatedly escaped confinement to live by his wits in the wilds.
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Amgalant One: The Old Ideal by Bryn Hammond

Temujin comes into the world on the day the Mongols suffer a catastrophic defeat in battle. He isn’t the hero type, but he has expectations to live up to, and he has a cause: freedom for his way of life, unity against China, where a nomad is an animal.

‘Through great fear have I lived; Through great grace I have my life.’ – from Temujin’s thanksgiving to his Sacred Mountain, which he believes has intervened to save him from an enemy. In The Secret History of the Mongols, committed to paper on the death of the figure we know as Genghis Khan, his own words, his own memories can be found. Those of his youth, that was hand-to-mouth and tooth-and-nail – when by his own lights he was least of a hero, but had to learn fast – are particularly vivid.

Amgalant One follows The Secret History step by step, incident to incident, as an unlikely lad grows into his kingly name, Tchingis. Continue reading

Ballad of the Highwayman by Hazel B. West

“Stand and Deliver!”

Kilroy Allen grew up as a normal boy in the small English town of Newbury, but when his father, an officer in the Royalist army of King Charles I is set up and accused of betraying his king to Oliver Cromwell, Kilroy’s life will change forever. Witness to his father’s execution at the hands of the people the man loyally served, Kilroy knows he will never rest until his father’s betrayer is found. Sixteen years later, Kilroy, now turned highwayman at night and trader Jeremy Glennon by day, is still looking for the man who betrayed his father. Stakes become even higher as he realizes he cannot wed his childhood sweetheart, the lovely and capable Sylvia Davies without first putting his father’s case to rest. He sets out to find his hidden enemy once and for all, ready to be free of the events that have haunted his whole life. With good humor, romance and danger at every turn, Ballad of the Highwayman is a revival of the classic adventure story that readers of all ages will enjoy. Continue reading