Plead Insanity by Sandra Giles

Jared’s unlike any twenty-one year old guy he knows, but then that could be down to his determination to keep from associating with the human population. Not that he doesn’t count himself among humans, no. He’s completely unaware of what he is. To him the term ‘vampire’ is purely fictional, and he really would like to keep it that way. But it’s hard to hide from yourself, especially when you’re fighting a lust that has a tendency of cropping up at the most inconvenient times.
Things become hard for Jared when a murder is committed right under his inhumanly-sensitive nose. He doesn’t witness the murder, but plenty of people believe that he did, because he’s the one who walks in just after the killing has taken place. And if that’s not bad enough, this happens to be the first time that he’s faced with fresh blood. He may be able to resist feasting on hidden blood, but this?

This is book one in the series; Collision Of Worlds. Continue reading

Summon Your Dragons by Roger Parkinson

Is Azkun an ancient hero returned to save them all or just a madman with absurd ideas about dragons? The King of Anthor has no time for ancient heroes and even less time for dragons. Old crimes are coming back to haunt him and old enemies are stirring on his borders. His last hopes may lie with Azkun, whoever he is. This is a gritty fantasy with no elves anywhere. Continue reading

Blood Duty by J. R. Tomlin

Two warrior lovers, separated by their allegiances–and a demonic horde…

Jessup is a scout for the Ilkasar Empire, even though it conquered his own people. His love for Tamra of Wayfare Keep is the one thing connecting him to the Empire he hates. But Tamra’s loyalty is to her sworn oaths as captain of the Keep’s guard and protector of the Empire. Though she loves Jessup, their relationship struggles against history and duty.

On a scouting mission, Jessup discovers the tables are about to be turned on conquering Ilkasar: enemies are using a blood ritual to summon invincible demons, and now they’re at the head of an invading horde heading straight for Tamra’s forces. The two lead an army in a fierce battle against the demons, but their soldiers are slaughtered. In the chaos, Jessup and Tamra lose one another.

Tamra and her remaining forces retreat to the walled city of Madrian where she leads a last stand they cannot win, while Jessup races for magical help. But even if he arrives in time, the Empire’s salvation may lie in a sacrifice that will destroy them both. Continue reading

Awaken: Dark Magic by Rachel Humphrey – D’aigle

From the Depths of Fear, Bravery is Born…
While summering in a New England campground, mind reading thirteen-year-old twins, Meghan and Colin Jacoby, discover they have until the rising of the Blue Moon to help save the life of a young man, whose caravan is forced to flee through a magical portal to another world, without him.

In the process, they have a dark awakening when their own simple, normal world, begins to collide with the complexities of the magical world. The twins face unimaginable dangers, which thrust them into an unexpected choice: to live as they always have or to learn the truth about their past and enter a world that is equally thrilling and terrifying.

More importantly, however, is whether they even have a choice, or will destiny not only force this new magical reality upon them, but require them to sacrifice everyone they love in doing so? Continue reading

Blood Lilies by T. A. Miles

For Korsten Brierly, life already seemed complicated enough. Disinherited from a young age, helping to govern a town of strategic significance to warring countries, keeping his affair with the local governor’s son a secret….

When a demon hunting mage arrives at his doorstep at the same time gruesome murders begin, Korsten finds himself quickly swept away by a tide of events and discoveries beyond his darkest dreams. Caught up in a war much deeper and far more dangerous than he ever would have believed it to be, Korsten is forced to abandon the life he knew and everyone in it. Summoned to a duty that terrifies him, by powers he can’t ignore, he begins a journey into understanding his own soul and how to protect the souls of others from demons bent on possessing, poisoning, and devouring them through methods that are gradually decaying the world they live in. Struggling to stay afloat in a maelstrom of ancient forces, his own emotions, and dangerous political games, Korsten commits himself to the task, for the sake of his soul and his sanity, and for the sake of the lover he was not supposed to have…a man possessed by ambition and by a demon with goals of its own.

Blood Lilies is the first in a series. Continue reading

Lumen by Joseph Eastwood

On an island estranged from the rest of the world are people, people living by the teachings of the Luminary; seven pillars on which their existence rests and all belief was created. These souls have abilities that would make most mortal minds doubt their sanity, and at times it may come as a blessing, but the nature of their belief is based on a curse.

Daniel is going through his final transition, and once complete, he will be able to manipulate the bonds of his energy more freely. Not everything falls so smoothly, and after a near-death experience, Daniel is admitted into the island’s only private school, a privilege he is not allowed to forget. While trying to fit in he opens mysteries and troubles beyond the life he came from, and they threaten everything and everyone he once believed in.

Could Daniel come from those legends he was taught about? Continue reading

The Blessed and the Damned by A. R. Williams

When her twin sister kidnaps her daughter, Lorna Jassan must return to Kuwar in order to find them. Her mission forces her to seek help from Weslin, a man she never wanted to see again. In the midst of her search, Lorna must keep a sixteen-year-old secret hidden, but the city has secrets of its own. Can Lorna unravel them in time to rescue her daughter and escape?
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The Lost Secret of Fairies by Tiffany Turner

Wanda had always read about adventure. Now she was in the middle of one. The World of Fairies is real, and she is their new Crystal Keeper, human caretaker to the World of Fairies. But the Fairy World is in trouble. The fairies are falling ill from the pollution that ravishes the world above. Wanda has to find the key to their cure, before it’s too late.

But like in all adventures, there are a few unanswered questions to solve. What has happened to the old Keeper? What are Germites? And can Wanda get used to her cat giving her backtalk while trying not to get grounded for helping the fairies? Join Wanda on her adventure, while she finds out that sometimes the best solution to a problem is the one you find within yourself. Continue reading