The Prisoner (The Dark Elf of Syron, #1) by Laura Lond

Captain Torren, the warden of the Dormigan Prison, knows that the mysterious Prisoner 34 is much more dangerous than the authorities think. Torren does his best to guard him, going so far as to break some of his orders, but the new governor’s sudden wish to personally inspect the prison threatens to destroy the shaky balance the warden has achieved. Will the Prisoner comply and help Torren through the inspection? What will he ask in return? And will he keep his word? Continue reading

Anjel The Agresian Enchantress by L.K. Reppo

A story of mystery, adventure, magic, evil, danger, kindness, caring and sacrifice featuring the stately Egotian wizards, the vicious Agresian warriors, the simple Dullites, the charming Hubots, and the fearsome Dreks.
They were forced to leave their homes on the planet, Zubar, the only survivors of the deadly Blue Plague. Only four ships leave with different groups on board. Driven off course, each ship lands in a different sector on a strange planet. Isolated in each sector, the groups evolve into different races, each with their own identity and way of living. Faced with the total annihilation of their race, the Egotian wizards guided by an inscription in the Book of Charms are forced to make contact with their neighbors in other sectors. Based on what they discover, they devise a plan to save themselves from extinction. Nothing changes except for the birth of a girl-child to a young Egotian wizard and girl from the tribe of Agresian warriors. All eyes are eventually on the special teenager as she leaves the safety of her home on a quest to unite the races and fulfill her destiny, despite the challenges and dangers that await her.

She is:

ANJEL–the Agresian Enchantress. Continue reading

Rift of Askrah Book 1: Fracture by Benjamin Andrews

Nihlen Draven lives what most would consider the perfect life of royalty. As heir to the throne of the nation of Draven, he has been groomed for his future since birth. But as he approaches adulthood, his heart yearns for the freedom to choose his own destiny.

In the neighboring nation of Rinh, a young thief named Marina does her best to survive the mean streets of the city with her best friend Cal. When a questionable contact from their past offers them more gold than either of them can imagine for a simple kidnap and ransom of a foreign prince, Marina jumps at the opportunity to extract herself and her friend from the poverty of Rinh.

But as the kidnapping goes wrong and the land of Draven falls into the hands of Rinh, a strange ability surfaces in the young prince, and the shadows of a forgotten nation called Askrah leak into the world once more.

In Fracture, Book 1 of the Rift of Askrah series, join Nihlen as he unlocks the secrets of the Eye of Kings and embarks on an epic quest to regain his kingdom.
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Ialtaboath by William Hrdina

We’ve been taught to believe God loves us, that he created humanity in his own image. But what if we have it wrong? What if God hates us?
Two thousand years ago, an obscure Christian sect captured God in a wooden prison and buried him in the desert. Ever since, clandestine groups have searched in vain for the prison’s location.
Until now.
When a team of archaeologists find a Gnostic temple in the Egyptian desert, it ignites a race to locate God’s prison. The winner will hold God- and the future of us all- in their hands.
Ialtaboath: A unique adventure combining fantasy, history and religion into a Simple Journey to an Odd Destination. If you like Indiana Jones or The DaVinci Code, you’ll love Ialtaboath. Continue reading

The World In-between by IE Castellano

Berty Chase knew nothing of Fairies, Elves and Dragons until he was chosen to cross through the portal. He discovers a magical world hidden from the normal world into which he was born. Falling in love, he can not imagine his life without this incredible world. Getting caught in the battle for magic, Berty invokes ancient magic that changes his life and the lives of those around him forever.

Book one of the World In-between series. Continue reading

Magic Trickery by Chris Mitchell

“I have never understood the allure of magic. Of course, I am unusual in this regard, which is why those without magical powers tend to try to control those that do.

The Foss affair illustrated this perfectly. The royal decree that set the whole affair in motion was proof enough, but what followed showed once and for all that some things are better left unrestricted.” -Thadrick Clant Continue reading

Godhead by Ken Mooney

Olympus has fallen; new gods must rise.

The gods have been betrayed by one of their own. Zeus is dead, and the city is under siege by the demonic forces of Kaos. Their only chance of survival is to abandon the city, buying time to regroup and rebuild.

Thousands of years later, the children of the gods walk among us, protecting humanity from the demons. But not all of them know the secrets of the powers they have.

The gods are no more, eliminated by their greatest enemy. And now, she wants to return home; no matter who stands in her way. Continue reading

The Third Peregrination by Edward C. Patterson


The world is on the brink, now that the relics flow together again. The new China Hands should have left the Jade Owl in the tomb, to fester silently for another age, but they didn’t. Now there is a tapping in the basement and a flowering of new relics, all seeking to move Curator-General Rowden Gray and his crew into the field again to solve the mystery of The Seven Sisters. However, the world has changed since Rowden managed his first task. The new China Hands are sucked into the maelstrom of time, flowing together with the relics, now that the world is at the brink.

Rowden Gray and Nicholas Battle, joined by three new stalwarts in pursuit of the next level in the triad, find a fortress in a mystery deeper than the first warrant, something that compels them to return to China and unravel a more difficult truth – one that challenges them beyond time’s membrane. This second book in the Jade Owl Legacy Series pushes the new China Hands to the world’s brink – now that the relics flow together again.”

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Firebrand by R.M. Prioleau

Kaijin Sora behaved like any studious child his age who constantly indulged in reading books and thirsting for new knowledge. But there was one thing that distinguished him from other children — his tenacious passion for fire.

In hopes of curbing this strange and disturbing sickness, Kaijin’s parents send him off to study magic. Unbeknownst to Kaijin, the knowledge he would glean during his years of intense study would only further kindle his inner flames.

What began as a simple childhood curiosity would ultimately transition into a blazing love so powerful, it kills…

“Firebrand” is an engrossing fantasy adventure filled with magic and mystery.

*Book 1 of The Pyromancer Trilogy* Continue reading