Virgin Sailors by Ken Smith

Join Mike, Dave, Danny and Smudge, four virgin sailors, on their first reunion since they left training a year ago. Smudge is gay but what of his mates. Will he find the courage to come out of the closet? Will the reunion be a success or will it all end in broken friendships? Smudge is the first to arrive at the Cabin Boy. Sitting in a sea of sexy sailors he wonders about the lads and what they’ve been up to, and if he can confess his gayness. Danny arrives next but his moods are constantly changing. Smudge senses he his hiding some dark secret. The arrival of Dave brightens things but he soon becomes aware that things are not going well with Danny and Smudge. Mike is in a sorry state when he arrives late. An argument soon develops and things become very serious indeed. Could this be the end of the happy reunion, or will their friendship be strong enough to overcome secrets and pain. Continue reading

His Big, Beautiful Lover (Billionaire’s BBW Romance Part 2) by Rayna Corday

His Big, Beautiful Lover is the 2nd installment in the Billionaire’s BBW Romance series. It contains 4,908 words of hot and steamy scenes.
When full-figured Dana Whitmore took the PA job at the Ambrose Foundation, she never could have guessed that she would end up in a passionate and lusty affair with the dominant and ultra-rich philanthropist, Marcos Ambrose.

After months of assisting Ambrose in the boardroom – and voraciously servicing him in the bedroom – Dana is ready to do anything for her new master.

But when she takes a risky initiative to give her Ambrose sexual release for his pent-up libido, he takes Dana for a surprise outing that will finally reveal to her his true nature, test the far limits of her modesty, and change the nature of their white-hot affair forever. Continue reading

Consummate Therapy by Katie Salidas

The entire “Consummate Therapy” series in omnibus format. If you haven’t caught up with the trials and tribulations of Natasha Blakely, billionaire CEO, then now is the perfect time to get your fingers wet. Sorry, “feet”. Not fingers.
When we first meet Natasha in “Submission Therapy”, she’s a hard-nosed control freak with unhealthy addictions to coffee, cigarettes, and pretty young men with prices on their…well, let’s say “heads”. When her therapist, Dr. Benson, recommends radical therapy, she is introduced to the notion of letting go, of releasing control. Master Sweet shows her the mental, physical and emotional benefits of simply submitting to the will of another.
Her journey continues through “Occupational Therapy”, where she learns a most intimate form of personal control. Her determination is strong but brittle, and though she’s had great success in her business life, she finds these personal challenges far more difficult. Simply because they require her to open up all the emotions and memories that she has suppressed or denied in order to compete in a man’s world. When this chapter ends, Natasha is faced with the most pivotal emotional choice she’s ever had to make.
Which brings us to “Immersion Therapy”. This story brings out the best and worst of Natasha’s behavior. Her pride wars with her need. With the overload of sensation that Master Sweet has introduced her to, she flails against everything she once knew to be true. Yet she struggles to believe that a man who feels this good can have any kind of permanence in her life. Continue reading

Caribbean Concubine by Rosita Rubio

CARIBBEAN CONCUBINE is an erotic romantic comedy containing VERY EXPLICIT SEX with SUN, SAILING and BEACHES. WHAT SCANDALOUS ADVENTURES DOES ROSITA HAVE IN MIND FOR HER UNSUSPECTING BOYFRIEND? See it all through Rosita’s eyes. Add flirting, teasing, playing, humor, excitement and romance for a great erotic adventure in the Caribbean. Sail from the island of Vieques on the eastern coast of Puerto Rico to Martinique in the French West Indies. They stop at some of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean to explore the towns and see the beaches. They experience new sexual experiences together, in a most playful way. The names have been changed for reasons that don’t need to be explained. Did this actually happen? You be the judge. Approximately 39,100 words of laughter and sex.
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The Perkins’ Maid by Sara Dunbar

“The Perkins’ Maid” features the complete contents of all five stories in “The Perkins’ Maid” series:

“Home Maid” – Jessica thought she had the greatest job in town, until the day she discovered that the boss had plans to extend her duties. Then the job suddenly got better!

“Hastily Maid” – After Jessica slept with the boss, she started to wonder what would happen if the wife found out. Then one afternoon the wife corners her in the study, and she finds out exactly what the wife thinks about the affair!

“Head Maid” – When the two Perkins boys come home for Thanksgiving, the maid finds herself in hot water with first one and then the other! What happens when they both show up at her door?

“Tailor Maid” – Mr. Perkins is running late for an appointment with his tailor, so Jessica goes out of her way to keep the man entertained until Mr. Perkins can make it home!

“Ready Maid” – Jessica helps the Perkins’ throw a fabulous party, but the real fun doesn’t start until after the guests leave!

(This story contains mature subject matter and is not intended for anyone under the age of 18.) Continue reading

The Escort Wife by Ivanhoe Jones

Leah and David Armitage are a happily married couple with three children they adore. When their family business is devastated during the Global Financial Crisis, David and Leah take what seems an easy way of making big money fast.
The Escort Wife is the story of what happens when ordinary people make rash decisions during the height of stress. Leah in particular is thrown into a world in which she is hopelessly ill-equipped. Open to abuse and sexual manipulation, Leah is surrounded by hedonism and decadence to the point where her soul becomes lost.
Making a decision, Leah doggedly faces the demons of her addiction, and turns a story of sexual promiscuity, into a woman’s quest to reclaim her family and bring depth and purpose to her life. Continue reading

Dance With Me by Lacey Silks

Kate has watched Sebastian Hill take on the role of a leading man on a hit TV show for ten seasons. Each time, she’s imagined herself as his partner in more ways than just dancing. While on vacation, she’s saved from a near drowning and ends up recovering in Sebastian’s room. He proves to be as suave in person as he is on the dance floor and Kate’s fantasies are about to come true.
Dance with me is an erotic romance short story, approximately 5800 words (250 words/page). Contains adult content and graphic sex scenes (M/F).
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Head Maid by Sara Dunbar

When the two Perkins boys come home for Thanksgiving, the maid finds herself in hot water with first one and then the other! What happens when they both show up at her door?

“Head Maid” is the third story in “The Perkins’ Maid” series. All five stories in this series are now available in one volume, titled “The Perkins’ Maid”!

(This short story contains mature subject matter and is not intended for anyone under the age of 18.) Continue reading

Military Gay Sex # 1: G.I. Blow by Rod Mandelli

Alone in the deserted barracks, a tough and imposing Drill Instructor demands boot and foot worship from an eager recruit. The DI then teaches the recruit that the proper way to perform a military push-up involves a removed uniform and a willing mouth (among other body parts).

A Gayrotica Press Gay Erotic Short Story – 3,100 Words of M2M Action

Adult Content Advisory: This story contains adult language as well as erotic and sexually explicit descriptions of male/male sex. Continue reading