My First, My Last by Lacey Silks

Widowed two years ago, Rose is ready for a new relationship. She’s considered following her heart to look for the man she made love to for the first time but her ex’s frivolous lifestyle has kept her from finding Jake in Venice. When she opened her front door, he was the last person she expected. Now, as he stands on her doorstep Rose needs to decide whether to give the man who took her virginity a chance at a life together. While her mind tells her to be careful, her body longs to be taken by him once again.
There’s nothing more that Rose wants than for her first lover to be her last.
My First, My Last is an Erotic Romance short story, approximately 5300 words (250 words/page). Contains adult content and graphic sex scenes.
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Virgin Sailors by Ken Smith

Join Mike, Dave, Danny and Smudge, four virgin sailors, on their first reunion since they left training a year ago. Smudge is gay but what of his mates. Will he find the courage to come out of the closet? Will the reunion be a success or will it all end in broken friendships? Smudge is the first to arrive at the Cabin Boy. Sitting in a sea of sexy sailors he wonders about the lads and what they’ve been up to, and if he can confess his gayness. Danny arrives next but his moods are constantly changing. Smudge senses he his hiding some dark secret. The arrival of Dave brightens things but he soon becomes aware that things are not going well with Danny and Smudge. Mike is in a sorry state when he arrives late. An argument soon develops and things become very serious indeed. Could this be the end of the happy reunion, or will their friendship be strong enough to overcome secrets and pain. Continue reading

Head Maid by Sara Dunbar

When the two Perkins boys come home for Thanksgiving, the maid finds herself in hot water with first one and then the other! What happens when they both show up at her door?

“Head Maid” is the third story in “The Perkins’ Maid” series. All five stories in this series are now available in one volume, titled “The Perkins’ Maid”!

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Friends with Benefits: A Tale of Dominance and Submission by Nana G

Chris is a stage actor who wants to explore his desire to submit. His fear of rejection and public exposure making the prospect nearly impossible, Chris finally finds his solution in the form of his best friend Gabriel, who is an experienced dominant in the BDSM circle. This is a tale of domination and submission between two male friends, their emotional journey and self-discovery. The BDSM element of this story mainly focuses on the power dynamics of the dominant/submissive relationship.

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Gay Political Sex Scandals #1: Senator Brick Scrotorum & His College Buddy by Rod Mandelli

Gay Political Sex Scandals #1: Senator Brick Scrotorum & His College Buddy – Pete, a gay virgin who is a college political science intern, gets his first assignment in the office of a senator known for his anti-gay politics. Working alone late one night in Senator Scrotorum’s office, Pete finds out that what politicians say in front of the cameras is very different from what they do behind closed doors and that politics does indeed make strange bedfellows.

A Gayrotica Press Gay Erotic Short Story – 6,500 Words of M2M Action

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Ready Maid by Sara Dunbar

Jessica helps the Perkins’ throw a fabulous party, but the real fun doesn’t start until after the guests leave!

“Ready Maid” is the fifth story in “The Perkins’ Maid” series. All five stories in this series are now available in one volume, titled “The Perkins’ Maid”!

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Expose` – Episode 1 by Isabella Cummins

Clarissa Craig is an upcoming hot-shot journalist who gets to interview the richest and most powerful men in the USA, but she has a problem.

She is a nymphomaniac who cannot stay out of their pants.

Not that they mind, as a matter of fact they enjoy all the sexual attention and late-night romps. And they reward her with insider-information of upcoming business deals and scoops that no other reporters are able to get. The men fall in love with her, and they give her special gifts; cars, jewelry and her own helicopter.

But then things get complicated. She falls in love with the least likely person whom she thought she would; her unassuming boss, Richard Davenport.

He knows about her voracious appetite. But he has a secret as well. He fights her charming flirtations and sexual innuendo with a steely will. If she found out what had happened in his past, he would lose everything that he had worked so hard for.

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Dance With Me by Lacey Silks

Kate has watched Sebastian Hill take on the role of a leading man on a hit TV show for ten seasons. Each time, she’s imagined herself as his partner in more ways than just dancing. While on vacation, she’s saved from a near drowning and ends up recovering in Sebastian’s room. He proves to be as suave in person as he is on the dance floor and Kate’s fantasies are about to come true.
Dance with me is an erotic romance short story, approximately 5800 words (250 words/page). Contains adult content and graphic sex scenes (M/F).
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The Silken Edge by Laci Paige

After her longtime boyfriend dumps her, Kristy craves a change in her life. Her best friend, Sherry, is into the BDSM scene, and on a whim and a bet, Kristy finds herself in the playroom at an exclusive club. A disguised Dom named Master Jay uses sensation play and a piece of silk to help her discover the world of kink. She finds it enjoyable and addictive, but what she doesn’t know is that Master Jay is really Jake, a much younger man to whom she’s strongly attracted.

For the past couple of years, Jake quietly watched Kristy in his gym. He doesn’t care that she’s older than him; he wants her. When the virgin BDSM sub he’s hired to train ends up being Kristy, Jake almost falls apart. During the scene they play at the club, he fantasizes about getting her into restraints in his own playroom. But Kristy is shocked when she learns that the two men she desires are one and the same. Can Kristy who’s led a vanilla sex life, and Jake, who knows nothing but kink, find a future together? Continue reading