Monster: Book One by Dani R.R. Hermit

Monster: Book One
A Parliament of Twilight novel

Warning: The books in the Parliament of Twilight series are often more than the average person can handle. Contents may include but are not limited to: beast form sex, angst, spanking, inappropriate use of showers and/or bathtubs, elements of horror in erotic settings, implied m/f incest, outright m/m twincest, dubious consent, cliffhangers, tentacles, cheating, bad decisions, BDSM, bondage, campy humor, threesomes & more-somes, supernatural creatures, May/December romances, eternal love, blood play, murder, animated corpse sex

It’s been years since Siris and Julian’s boy band broke up and they all went their separate ways. Now they’ve run in to each other in a little redneck bar in the middle of nowhere, coming face to face with the ghosts of their past and the feelings they never quite grew out of. Siris is here handing out golden tickets to some new reality tv show for the network that owns his record label. Julian is here to meet up with yet another new partner. On the surface it seems like a coincidence… or is it? Neither man is happy when they realize that The Parliament means for Siris to be Julian’s new partner. Julian worries about what he could do to Siris. Siris just wants to go back to being a mega popstar and has no interest in being a monster hunter. Thrown together against their will (and better judgement) how will these former friends do on their first case? Continue reading

Head Maid by Sara Dunbar

When the two Perkins boys come home for Thanksgiving, the maid finds herself in hot water with first one and then the other! What happens when they both show up at her door?

“Head Maid” is the third story in “The Perkins’ Maid” series. All five stories in this series are now available in one volume, titled “The Perkins’ Maid”!

(This short story contains mature subject matter and is not intended for anyone under the age of 18.) Continue reading

Gay Political Sex Scandals #1: Senator Brick Scrotorum & His College Buddy by Rod Mandelli

Gay Political Sex Scandals #1: Senator Brick Scrotorum & His College Buddy – Pete, a gay virgin who is a college political science intern, gets his first assignment in the office of a senator known for his anti-gay politics. Working alone late one night in Senator Scrotorum’s office, Pete finds out that what politicians say in front of the cameras is very different from what they do behind closed doors and that politics does indeed make strange bedfellows.

A Gayrotica Press Gay Erotic Short Story – 6,500 Words of M2M Action

Adult Content Advisory: This story contains adult language as well as erotic and sexually explicit descriptions of male/male sex. Continue reading

Over The Limit by Lacey Silks

A burst appendix ruined Valerie’s prom and her plans to give her virginity to her boyfriend. Circumstances drew them apart until she’s caught speeding. Trying to weasel out of a ticket, she uses all her charms on the Officer before recognizing him as Mike, her prom date. As feelings from past return, Val is cuffed by the one man she’s longed for and wanted to give herself to. When Officer Mike surprises Val with an unexpected punishment, Val vows to go over the limit more often.
Over The Limit is an erotic romance short story, approximately 5800 words (250 words/page). Contains adult content and graphic sex scenes (M/F). Continue reading

Ready Maid by Sara Dunbar

Jessica helps the Perkins’ throw a fabulous party, but the real fun doesn’t start until after the guests leave!

“Ready Maid” is the fifth story in “The Perkins’ Maid” series. All five stories in this series are now available in one volume, titled “The Perkins’ Maid”!

(This short story contains mature subject matter and is not intended for anyone under the age of 18.) Continue reading

Cassandra by Lottie Winter

When you accepted employment as a governess in Victorian England, you assumed your life would be set on an unchangeable path. After the death of her parents, Cassandra, a young woman with a talent for music, assumes the role of governess to two young children, whose own mother died a few years previously. However all is not as it seems, and after an initial quiet few months, she is spotted by Thorpe Pembroath, the owner of the Estate, father of the children and her employer.

A dinner invitation very quickly proves to have more to it than initially meets the eye, and Cassandra is suddenly swept without warning into a world unlike anything she has ever seen or known before.

But for all of Cassandra’s fears and insecurities at what is shown to her, it is ultimately Thorpe, a dark, brooding and intelligent man, who can without warning show a ruthless cruel streak , whose life is turned on its head and for whom the weekend will mean his world is forever changed.

Cassandra is a Carnal Set Novel – a series which follows the erotic pleasures, perversions, romance, delights and delectations of a group of extremely select men and women in Victorian England. Continue reading

Consummate Therapy by Katie Salidas

The entire “Consummate Therapy” series in omnibus format. If you haven’t caught up with the trials and tribulations of Natasha Blakely, billionaire CEO, then now is the perfect time to get your fingers wet. Sorry, “feet”. Not fingers.
When we first meet Natasha in “Submission Therapy”, she’s a hard-nosed control freak with unhealthy addictions to coffee, cigarettes, and pretty young men with prices on their…well, let’s say “heads”. When her therapist, Dr. Benson, recommends radical therapy, she is introduced to the notion of letting go, of releasing control. Master Sweet shows her the mental, physical and emotional benefits of simply submitting to the will of another.
Her journey continues through “Occupational Therapy”, where she learns a most intimate form of personal control. Her determination is strong but brittle, and though she’s had great success in her business life, she finds these personal challenges far more difficult. Simply because they require her to open up all the emotions and memories that she has suppressed or denied in order to compete in a man’s world. When this chapter ends, Natasha is faced with the most pivotal emotional choice she’s ever had to make.
Which brings us to “Immersion Therapy”. This story brings out the best and worst of Natasha’s behavior. Her pride wars with her need. With the overload of sensation that Master Sweet has introduced her to, she flails against everything she once knew to be true. Yet she struggles to believe that a man who feels this good can have any kind of permanence in her life. Continue reading

Friends with Benefits: A Tale of Dominance and Submission by Nana G

Chris is a stage actor who wants to explore his desire to submit. His fear of rejection and public exposure making the prospect nearly impossible, Chris finally finds his solution in the form of his best friend Gabriel, who is an experienced dominant in the BDSM circle. This is a tale of domination and submission between two male friends, their emotional journey and self-discovery. The BDSM element of this story mainly focuses on the power dynamics of the dominant/submissive relationship.

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