Gay Sex Confessions Story Collection Volume 1 by Rod Mandelli

This gay sex story collection contains four gay sex confession stories previously published individually. Included are:

Texas Beef – Young college grad Shawn has a crush on his handsome new boss. While attending a birthday gathering, the boss introduces Shawn to his nephew, Austin, a hard-partying cowboy from Texas. Austin’s penchants for booze and sexual adventure lead him to give men permission to do whatever they want with his muscular body. What dirty trick will Shawn use in response to Austin’s sexy invitation?

Summer Vacation – Straight and smooth high school muscle stud Roy is about to find out how hot things can get on summer vacation when a hunky and hairy new neighbor in his 30’s moves in across the street. Which will get “manhandled” more, the moving boxes or Roy?

Club Connection – Horny slut Jake cruises a gay club to find the man of his wet dreams – a blue collar stud with a hairy chest, dark eyes, and an incredibly huge prick. Will he bed the guy teasing him with the beer bottle blowjob?

Swimsuits Optional – Secretly gay Italian stud Joey has homosexual fantasies about his super-jock best friend, blonde-haired and blue-eyed Steve. With Steve leaving for vacation, Joey’s choice is to either spend his time whacking off thinking about Steve or spending two weeks by the pool with Steve’s older brother who believes that swimsuits should be optional and something other than water should be splashed on Joey’s face.

A Gayrotica Press Gay Erotic Short Story Collection – 15,200 Words of M2M Action

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Dance With Me by Lacey Silks

Kate has watched Sebastian Hill take on the role of a leading man on a hit TV show for ten seasons. Each time, she’s imagined herself as his partner in more ways than just dancing. While on vacation, she’s saved from a near drowning and ends up recovering in Sebastian’s room. He proves to be as suave in person as he is on the dance floor and Kate’s fantasies are about to come true.
Dance with me is an erotic romance short story, approximately 5800 words (250 words/page). Contains adult content and graphic sex scenes (M/F).
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The Perkins’ Maid by Sara Dunbar

“The Perkins’ Maid” features the complete contents of all five stories in “The Perkins’ Maid” series:

“Home Maid” – Jessica thought she had the greatest job in town, until the day she discovered that the boss had plans to extend her duties. Then the job suddenly got better!

“Hastily Maid” – After Jessica slept with the boss, she started to wonder what would happen if the wife found out. Then one afternoon the wife corners her in the study, and she finds out exactly what the wife thinks about the affair!

“Head Maid” – When the two Perkins boys come home for Thanksgiving, the maid finds herself in hot water with first one and then the other! What happens when they both show up at her door?

“Tailor Maid” – Mr. Perkins is running late for an appointment with his tailor, so Jessica goes out of her way to keep the man entertained until Mr. Perkins can make it home!

“Ready Maid” – Jessica helps the Perkins’ throw a fabulous party, but the real fun doesn’t start until after the guests leave!

(This story contains mature subject matter and is not intended for anyone under the age of 18.) Continue reading

Bossy Request by Lacey Silks

Sharon helps her hot boss to match his ties to his wardrobe every morning. Straining to keep their working relationship professional, she keeps her distance from Frank until an accident at work forces them closer. An invitation to dinner, to thank Sharon for her help, stirs feelings she’s hidden from Frank for years. Fearing she could lose her job if their relationship flourishes, Sharon hesitates. Frank’s feelings toward his secretary are tested. He can no longer resist Sharon, and makes his move. Will Sharon begin to work under him the way he’d dreamed for years?
Bossy Request is an erotic romance short story, approximately 5600 words (250 words/page). Contains adult content and graphic sex scenes (M/F).
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Head Maid by Sara Dunbar

When the two Perkins boys come home for Thanksgiving, the maid finds herself in hot water with first one and then the other! What happens when they both show up at her door?

“Head Maid” is the third story in “The Perkins’ Maid” series. All five stories in this series are now available in one volume, titled “The Perkins’ Maid”!

(This short story contains mature subject matter and is not intended for anyone under the age of 18.) Continue reading

Stealing Megan’s Husband by Christine Cappleton

When Amanda’s fiancé dies, she thinks she will never love again. She starts sleeping around, trying to forget her loss, but it doesn’t help. When she finally finds a man she thinks she loves, she is relieved and delighted… until she discovers that he is in love with someone else. Amanda resolves to snatch the man from his lover. She is still trying to figure out how to snatch him when he marries his lover. Amanda has never lost to another woman in a fight for a man and she doesn’t intend to start losing now. She comes up with a plan she has never used before, a plan that has never been used before. An original plan.

This story is not for those under 18. It contains it contains graphic descriptions of sex and should not be read by minors. Continue reading

Cassandra by Lottie Winter

When you accepted employment as a governess in Victorian England, you assumed your life would be set on an unchangeable path. After the death of her parents, Cassandra, a young woman with a talent for music, assumes the role of governess to two young children, whose own mother died a few years previously. However all is not as it seems, and after an initial quiet few months, she is spotted by Thorpe Pembroath, the owner of the Estate, father of the children and her employer.

A dinner invitation very quickly proves to have more to it than initially meets the eye, and Cassandra is suddenly swept without warning into a world unlike anything she has ever seen or known before.

But for all of Cassandra’s fears and insecurities at what is shown to her, it is ultimately Thorpe, a dark, brooding and intelligent man, who can without warning show a ruthless cruel streak , whose life is turned on its head and for whom the weekend will mean his world is forever changed.

Cassandra is a Carnal Set Novel – a series which follows the erotic pleasures, perversions, romance, delights and delectations of a group of extremely select men and women in Victorian England. Continue reading

His Big, Beautiful Lover (Billionaire’s BBW Romance Part 2) by Rayna Corday

His Big, Beautiful Lover is the 2nd installment in the Billionaire’s BBW Romance series. It contains 4,908 words of hot and steamy scenes.
When full-figured Dana Whitmore took the PA job at the Ambrose Foundation, she never could have guessed that she would end up in a passionate and lusty affair with the dominant and ultra-rich philanthropist, Marcos Ambrose.

After months of assisting Ambrose in the boardroom – and voraciously servicing him in the bedroom – Dana is ready to do anything for her new master.

But when she takes a risky initiative to give her Ambrose sexual release for his pent-up libido, he takes Dana for a surprise outing that will finally reveal to her his true nature, test the far limits of her modesty, and change the nature of their white-hot affair forever. Continue reading

Teacher’s Pet by Lacey Silks

When Angie steps into her friend’s sexy Halloween party on the other side of town, her son’s teacher is the last person she expects to see. Masked, she hides her identity and plays her role as Teacher’s pet to perfection. Mark’s Chippendale outfit draws her in and Angie soon finds herself making out with the masked stripper. When she realizes who he is, embarrassed, she flees upstairs. Can Angie overcome her shame and let Mark pet her the way she’s wanted to since they’d met at an interview?
Teacher’s Pet is an erotic romance short story, approximately 5300 words (250 words/page). Contains adult content and graphic sex scenes (M/F).
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Going Down by Ken Smith

Luke is hitching from Scotland to Dorset. Losing his virginity is not foremost in his thoughts but continually crops up when he meets the likes of the lusting Ruth, butch biker Tex and the delightful and delicious scout Dominic, as he heads ever southward, his vivid imagination conjuring a variety of delightful sexual scenarios.

Reaching his destination, reality soon hits home when he encounters Taran, and love engulfs him. But Luke is hiding a secret and he knows time is running out.
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