It’s a Catastrophe by Sibel Hodge

For Disney story lovers everywhere!

Think Cats & Dogs meets Toy Story…

Warning! Contains fur-raising adventure, wacky characters, laugh out loud comedy, and heart-warming drama.

The cats at Briarswood Cottage are lucky. After being rescued from the local Cats’ Home by Ma Katz, they live out their days in luxury under the watchful eye of Buster, the mogfather. But all that’s about to change…

When the local mayor announces that the cat population is spreading a deadly disease, their lives are in mortal danger. There’s no time to paws! Somehow, Ma’s moggies have to organize all the neighbourhood cats to unite as one, getting their claws stuck in to prove their innocence and save each other from certain death.

Can they put aside jealous rivalry and tomcat turf wars to work together as a team and save catkind from extinction?

It’s a Catastrophe is a hilarious hairball of a read for ages 8 to 108!
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Bheki and the Magic Light by Jan Hurst-Nicholson

An action adventure story set in South Africa.
The big day has arrived and Bheki’s house is flooded with electric light for the first time. He remembers the time, many years before, when his father gave him a light that really did seem to be magic. The torch brought him many friends and a new status in the kraal, until its beam began to fade. Bheki’s journey to bring power back to the magic light tested him to the limit but ended in magic of a different kind. It gave him a belief in himself.
At the end of the story, Bheki explains how batteries work and how electricity is generated and brought into homes across the world.
Bheki and the Magic Light was first published by Penguin Books SA.
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Bobby’s Summer by Shannon Sonneveldt

It’s summer time when Bobby meets Jaz in the park. Bobby has never met an alien before and is excited that he and Jaz are now friends. Bobby learns that his new friend’s planet is dying and they need Bobby’s help to save it.

In an exciting summer adventure, Bobby gets to ride in a spaceship to Jaz’s planet, which is dying due to pollution. Bobby tells them things that will help the planet survive and becomes a hero! Nobody back home believes Bobby’s story, but that’s ok because Bobby helped save a planet, became a hero and best of all has a great new friend! Continue reading

The Red Squirrel Sisters In the Adventures of Manni the Long Tailed Raccoon by Linda Strother

he Red Squirrel Sisters, join Manni the Long Tailed Raccoon in our second book in the children’s short fiction eBook collection. This time we follow Manni the long tailed raccoon as she meets two little red squirrels.The three become fast friends and enjoy a fun day playing in the apple tree,splashing in the creek and a picnic with apple pie.The girls also learn a lesson about consequences of their actions and rewards for good behavior.

This book is suitable for ages 0-6 and for older children to read for themselves.The author wrote these books for her grandchildren,nieces and nephews,never dreaming they would be in print for other children to enjoy. Continue reading

The Adventures of Manni the Long Tailed Raccoon-Manni, Moe and Mama by Linda Strother

The Adventures of Manni the Long Tailed Raccoon is a children’s fiction book collection that follows a sweet-adventure loving little raccoon as she grows up in a single-parent family and learns about friendships, family and coping in a world where she is a little bit different from the other raccoons. Her story begins when Manni is five years old, so it is suitable to read to children ages 2-6 and great for older children to read for themselves. This is the first in the collection of illustrated animal adventure books that follows the adventure- loving raccoon. Beautifully illustrated by a wonderful graphic designer and young mother, Ela Shusterman. Soon to be out on Amazon paperback and translated into many languages for Kindle. Continue reading

Jesus And Friends Teach The ABC’s by James Spight

Viewing the book, it is very colorful and the type is large, making the book easy to read. There are scripture references on each page describing the scene for the alphabet used. The book has an interesting rhyme to it encouraging young reader to finish the book in one sitting. This truly is a must buy for all concerned parents, educators, and preachers to invest in this tool for the youth Continue reading

Lily Liver Series by Susan Swain

The Lily Liver Series of rhyming stories introduces dalmatians Lily Liver and Two Pi R. Lily Liver learns to play ball with Boomerang the labrador in On the Ball. In On the Run, while Billy Brown the border collie guides the dalmatians, cocker spaniels Yankee Sam and Jake and Joe, and Australian terriers Sadie and her sister on their daily walk, they are ambushed by Wiley Shep. Can Billy protect his ‘flock’ from Wiley? Follow Lily in On the Plate as she tries to steal food from Herman the German shepherd and Pat the cat, Yankee Sam, and the sparrows. In On the Call Lily Liver and Two Pi R talk ‘dog’ with Laika, Billy Brown, and Boomerang.
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