Joyce of Westerfloyce – The Story of the Tiny Little Girl with the Tiny Little Voice by Matthew W. Grant

A Perfect Little Girl with a Perfect Little Secret…

What would you do if everyone thought you were perfect, but you had a terrible secret? That’s just the beginning of the adventure in Joyce of Westerfloyce, The Story of the Tiny Little Girl with the Tiny Little Voice.

Children and adults alike will be instantly engaged by the delightful text which tells the humorous tale of Joyce, a flawless little girl whose seemingly perfect existence is about to be shattered by the terrible secret she keeps – she has the biggest, loudest, and most explosive burp in the whole world!

How the truth comes out and the resulting consequences propel the story forward and secure a spot for Joyce as a heroine that children will love and remember for years to come as Joyce is forced to confront the same dilemma that faces all children at one time or another. Will people still like her once they know the real Joyce?

The story appeals to both male and female readers. Girls love the fact that the story features a female heroine right from the beginning. As soon as boys find out that the heroine has an amazing burping ability, they are equally enthralled. Continue reading

BOGOF and the Christmas Tree by Adrian Marshall

Book #2 in the “BOGOF the Supermarket Cat” series. BOGOF is not an ordinary cat, he is a Supermarket cat. Every day he works at keeping rats and mice under control at Mr Brown’s Supermarket. His two best friends are Fred, a Supermarket worker, and Mr Blackbird. It is a week before Christmas and time to put up and decorate a Christmas tree outside the Supermarket. All goes well until decoration time, Fred has lost the lights! What can BOGOF do to help his friend?

Fred tells BOGOF that he has a Christmas present for both him and Mr Blackbird. BOGOF panics when he realises that he has not got a present for Fred and finds Mr Blackbird to tell him the bad news. After a lot of thought the resourceful pair finally have a bright idea. What is Fred’s present going to be, and will he like it?

Visit BOGOF’s web site at for FREE Wallpaper/Background, and find out about BOGOF’s next exciting adventure. Continue reading

The Tribe by McCarty Griffin

The tribe has been alone on the farm for many seasons, struggling to survive by their wits and will, unaided by the humans who abandoned them there years ago. Few members of the tribe outside of Tia, the eldest, and her fiercely loyal companion Bella, remember a time when two-legs–the cats’ name for humans–lived in the farmhouse. Suddenly, the tribe’s territory is invaded by a young two-legs couple, and the frightened cats ask themselves why have two-legs come to live there after so many seasons and what will happen to the tribe at the hands of these often cruel creatures? Continue reading

How My Gas Made Me Famous by Ferguson Fartworthy

Max Hinky’s favorite dinner is his dad’s Spaghetti Explodarama. But on the day after he’d had six helpings, Max had a case of gas that wouldn’t quit.
Now the whole of Cloverfield school thinks he’s gassing everyone out on purpose. Probably even Amy (the only non-weird girl at school).
On top of that—the bully brothers, Kryton, Kelvin and Kenny—are hot on Max’s stink trail.
Yet by the end of this day, Max’s stinkazoids are going to rocket him to fame!

(Warning: This book contains lots of GAS!) Continue reading

How Skinny Became A Hero by Kudakwashe Muzira

Themba is not a happy boy. People always tease him. His friend Nyasha says she no longer likes him.
Can he stop people from teasing him? Can he win Nyasha back? Themba thinks he cannot.
Then an evil witch called Sigogo suddenly turns Themba’s people into slaves. Themba decides to do something to save them from the witch. He knows it is his only chance to impress Nyasha, and to make people stop teasing him. Continue reading

The Mystery of Smugglers Cove (The Mystery Series, Book 1) by Paul Moxham

Are you up for a thrilling adventure?

When twelve year old Joe, along with his two younger sisters, visits Smugglers Cove for the summer holidays, they get caught up in a thrilling adventure that is beyond their wildest imagination.

Follow the children as they flee down a river, are chased by ferocious dogs, locked up in an old manor, get lost at sea, expose a spy, and more!

This family friendly action adventure novel is 43,000 words in length. Set in 1950’s Britain, and in the style of Enid Blyton’s Famous Five, or a fast paced version of The Bobbsey Twins, or even The Boxcar Children, this is perfect for that rainy day.

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