Training and Development: Training Needs Analysis Questions by Shannon Sonneveldt

The first step in designing any effective learning program is completion of a learning or training needs analysis/assessment (TNA). A training needs analysis is a process of gathering data and identifying performance requirements to determine the gap between required performance and existing performance so that training can be developed to address the gaps in organizational and/or individual performance.

This handbook provides an overview of the TNA process and a list of assessment questions in the following categories:
– Business environment
– Project
– Performance and metrics
– Audience
– Content
– Delivery
– Budget and timelines
– Communication
– Risk

Only by asking questions, can we learn the best way to solve the problems we are tasked with addressing. This handbook and it’s pool of assessment questions will get you started in finding the right questions to solve your assigned problems and performance issues.

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A Virtual Assistant’s Guide To Working With Professional Speakers by Bonnie Davis

This guide was written with the established Virtual Assistant in mind. It does not cover business start-up or explain how you start your new business. There are many other books that cover that material well. This book helps the established Virtual Assistant find and work with professional speakers. You may find this guide helpful if you are a new professional speaker who needs to know how to setup an office and get your business established without using outside staff! Continue reading