How to Open a Presentation by Avi Salmon

Are you at lost wondering why your lectures are not memorable as you would like them to be?

* How come you see such great presentation on TED but your own does not leave the impression you wanted to get?

* do you want to be perceived as the best speaker in your organization?

“How to open a presentation” is a practical guide to become a perfect presenter.

If it’s a lecture, a speech, a training session or a TED talk, the most important point that defines you success is the beginning of the presentation. A good first impression is the secret of great presentations.
This book will introduce useful concepts and ideas that you can put into practice at your very next presentation.
Presentation skills and public speaking abilities are essential and key subjects to learn in the 21st century. Continue reading

Stepping Stones to Greater Resilience by Marquita Herald

Resilience is that trait that enables us to bounce back stronger than ever from life’s inevitable challenges and obstacles. What could it mean to the quality of your life if you were able to redefine your view of adversity – from the perspective of unlucky victim, to that of empowered individual, confident in your ability to create your own life experience? This is the power of resilience. Continue reading

My Key by Alex Hart

Who am I? What do I want? Why do I feel like this? Why can’t I achieve my goals? What are my goals? And so we go around in circles looking for the elusive key. That master key that will unlock the doors to understanding ourselves, our lives, others and ultimately life.

Life around us evolves, moves and grows all the time and with it we change. Or at least, we are supposed to. Sometimes the only thing that happens during this ‘exciting’ time is the appearance of too many questions and not enough answers. It can be very overwhelming.

In this book you will find a very personal application of the lessons that I learned in life the keys I found. In daily chapters there are many metaphors and analogies that I utilized to explain things to myself. Nothing is cast in stone and I remain flexible so that I can continue to grow.

I don’t believe that I can teach you anything about yourself. What I do hope to achieve with this book is to stop you running in circles, let your head stop spinning and then show you what I found so that you just maybe will be able find your own ‘more’.

A 30-day book to understanding yourself, others and your life a bit better. Continue reading

The Art of Characterization by Fay Lamb

Put on your director’s cap and prepare to set your story world’s stage with memorable scenes and unforgettable characters.

Great storytelling isn’t done haphazardly. Storytelling is an art which requires practice to master. In The Art of Characterization authors are shown elements of storytelling which, when practiced correctly, utilizes forward–moving description and back story, deep point of view, dialogue, and conflict to create a cast of characters readers will never forget. Continue reading

Boost Your eBook Sales Success by Marquita Herald

Boost Your eBook Sales Success is a book about the business of being an author. Recently updated to reflect the latest changes and trends in online eBook marketing, it contains a wealth of resources, including “hot” links to over one hundred and twenty sites ready to promote your free and bargain eBooks. This book is a “no fluff” road map to bridging the gap between your art as a writer and your business as an author. Continue reading

How to Solve All Your Money Problems Forever: Creating a Positive Flow of Money Into Your Life by Victor Boc

This book examines the essence of money and the underlying laws that govern its flow. It focuses on principles of attraction and repulsion to arrive at “the two-prong method,” a system of money management that goes beyond positive thinking to get at the root of all monetary matters. This hands-on manual does not give vague ideas that leave the reader wondering what to do next; it presents complete and specific instructions. Continue reading

Golf Made Easy! A Backward Approach To Learning Golf….. Or Is It? by Jeffrey Kern

The basics of golf are presented with putting being taught first. This goes against all traditional methods of teaching, where driving is the first thing taught. But since half the game of golf is putting, why not learn it first? Plus, it’s fun to be able to put the ball in the hole on your very first lesson!
Golf Made Easy! A Backward Approach to Learning Golf … Or Is It? contains all the basic knowledge you need to know about the game. This how-to book provides the A to Z for golf aficionados in a logical, simple, and fun way! Continue reading

How to Take Great Sports Photos & Make Money: An Insider’s Guide to Success by Peter Sterling

If you want to know how to take Great Sports Photos and Make Money this IS the book for You. I have put all the most Important Tip and Techniques I have learned in my 38 year Professional Career into this book. I did not hold anything back. Everything I know is in this book. You get an Insider’s guide to Success in Sports Photography, Video, and Filming. After you read this book if you implement the techniques described you will be well on your way to a Successful Career as a Sports Photographer. Continue reading