Degenerates by Neil Ostroff

An alcoholic writer, a self-destructive teen, a burnt-out waitress, an abused young wife, a good-natured cook, a tormented serial killer, and the cop unwittingly assigned to stop him. Marred with addictions, poverty, and personal loss, each degenerate overcomes incredible obstacles and finds his or her own salvation working in a restaurant named City Café. They form new friendships and relationships, and in a short time turn their lives around — until Tommy Fielding is hired. Seeming innocent at first, Tommy is a schizophrenic who believes murder will ensure for him an existence of perfect happiness. What happens next places the group in grave danger and leads them into a horror that will change everything about their lives. Continue reading

The Briton and the Dane: Legacy 2nd edition by Mary Ann Bernal

It was a time before England’s Golden Age; before Chaucer’s poetic tales; before the revered Lionheart took the Crusader Cross; before the legend of Robin Hood. It was after the invading Germanic tribes settled the land and petty chieftains vied for supreme sovereignty that a great King sought to unify the British nation.
Travel back in time to Dark Age Britannia and the turbulent reign of Alfred the Great who successfully prevented the Great Heathen Army from conquering his beloved Kingdom of Wessex.
Journey throughout a war-ravaged country where Lord Richard and his offspring swear allegiance to a visionary King; where a cultural renaissance, not seen since the rule of Charlemagne, defies the savagery of Barbarian raids; where a decisive sea battle establishes naval supremacy.

Continue reading

Ground Zero – Lockdown by Daniel Bishop

A town thrown into darkness is suddenly invaded and locked down by the armed forces. Within minutes the dead lay the streets, half the town a blaze and the sky raining hot ashes. Dean and his three friends are locked in his sky rise apartment watching the horror from above. Soon the safety of home is not enough and the group of survivors take to the streets trying to escape the town from the sudden invasion. Continue reading

Red and Buried (The Red Menace #1) by James Mullaney

It’s the end of all life on Earth unless the Red Menace and Dr. Wainwright can stop a crazed communist colonel’s countdown to Armageddon!


Throughout the 1950s this was the number one question from Moscow to Beijing and in every communist palace and malaria-ridden backwater in between. The mysterious masked figure was a shadow and a whisper. For the Kremlin and its fellow travelers he was a damnable monkey wrench tossed into the gears of the not-so-glorious worldwide revolution. Wherever Reds schemed, the Menace was there to set things right. And then, just like that, 1960 came and the whisper grew silent.

Twelve years later, Patrick “Podge” Becket, computer tycoon and security expert, thinks he’s hung up his mask and cape for good. He escaped the spy game while still a young man, and none but a select few know about his long-dead secret identity. But into his restless retirement steps a ghost from his past, a bitter Russian colonel with nothing to lose and the means to wreak worldwide destruction.

Aided by his partner, brilliant inventor and physician Dr. Thaddeus Wainwright, the Red Menace is dragged back into the hero game. But it’s a whole new world out there, and if the Menace doesn’t watch his step the swinging Seventies might just find him RED AND BURIED! Continue reading

Pulp by Neil Ostroff

Struggling thriller writer Kevin Turner just received a panicked call from his ex-girlfriend Tina, a self-proclaimed clairvoyant prostitute. One of her clients, the mayor’s married son, died in her bed and she needs Kevin’s help to dispose of the body. As if Kevin doesn’t have enough problems. His current girlfriend is the spouse of the gay woman who signs his meager paycheck, his sixth credit card has hit its limit, he received word that his eight-month wait for his second advance check was being withheld by Gotham Publishing until he made the absurd changes in his manuscript that they wanted, and he just discovered his recently deceased father, who Tina claims she’s in contact with, owes ten grand from an internet gambling debt, which Kevin would now have to figure a way to pay. When Kevin discovers Tina’s psychotic brother has chopped up the body, and the police are finding the pieces spread across the suburbs, it sets off a chain of events more bizarre and horrifying than the plot of one of Kevin’s own novels. Continue reading

Elevator of Doom by Cora Buhlert

New York City, 1936: The Radcliffe, a luxury apartment building on Central Park West, is terrorised by a string of burglaries. The police suspect an insider, but there is no hard evidence, because the burglar comes and goes like a ghost.
At first glance, it seems like a simple enough job for Richard Blakemore, the masked crimefighter known only as the Silencer. Stake out the Radcliffe, nab the burglar and be back in time for dinner with Constance, his beautiful fiancée.
But even small-time criminals can fight back. And such a fight can quickly get out of hand, once Richard steps into the elevator of doom… Continue reading

Courier Duty by Cora Buhlert

Courier duty is not really one of spy extraordinaire Carrie Ragnarok’s top ten assignments. Ferrying an object from point A to point B – that’s stressful, but not very exciting. Not even if the object in question is Shape No. 8, a hideously ugly and extremely expensive sculpture by obscure Bulgarian artist Vassily Bagdanorowsky worth 2.8 millions dollars. But an unexpected mugging can spice up even the dullest courier job… Continue reading

Standing Guard by VH Folland

Flying home from their display seems a perfect time for Jim to train his wife on radio procedures. An SOS on a non-aviation channel was the last thing he expected to hear. The laws of sea and air are clear: the person who receives a distress call is bound to assist.

Even if they are in a very old aircraft, over a very large ocean, looking for a very small boat.

Standing Guard is a short story. Continue reading

Baker’s Dozen by Sydney I. Horn

Tom Baker is successful New Orleans attorney. His family is murdered and the killer is set free.
The Mayor of New Orleans and the Governor secretly hire Tom to solve the many Cold Case murders with instructions to bring in the guilty party dead with the promise of a pardon from the Governor if he is convicted. It is the intent of the Governor and Mayor for Tom to push the guilty party to the point whereby he can kill them and claim self defense. As a result of this agreement Tom kills 13 men and thus the reason for the title of the book, “Baker’s Dozen”. Continue reading