Degenerates by Neil Ostroff

An alcoholic writer, a self-destructive teen, a burnt-out waitress, an abused young wife, a good-natured cook, a tormented serial killer, and the cop unwittingly assigned to stop him. Marred with addictions, poverty, and personal loss, each degenerate overcomes incredible obstacles and finds his or her own salvation working in a restaurant named City Café. They form new friendships and relationships, and in a short time turn their lives around — until Tommy Fielding is hired. Seeming innocent at first, Tommy is a schizophrenic who believes murder will ensure for him an existence of perfect happiness. What happens next places the group in grave danger and leads them into a horror that will change everything about their lives. Continue reading

ex by James Wilson

Los Angeles based bill collector Robert Bonner’s life is turned upside down when his boss Moncrieff Calhoun assigns a tough but lucrative account. Bonner finds that collection will lead him into a life beyond his control. Bonner, his friends and colleagues become caught within the cross-hairs of an unofficial war between Revolutionary Mid-Eastern forces and an international consortium of private vigilance groups. The reluctant bachelor, Bonner, inadvertently digs himself deeper into international conflicts and relationships surging around him. During the process of exclusion or ex, he becomes stripped of his personal life, job, home, friends and health; nearly murdered, Bonner not only faces a challenging physical recuperation, but determines to find the reasons for the convulsive events around him. At the end he finds himself alone in a war against the dark side of faith and belief. Continue reading

Ground Zero – Lockdown by Daniel Bishop

A town thrown into darkness is suddenly invaded and locked down by the armed forces. Within minutes the dead lay the streets, half the town a blaze and the sky raining hot ashes. Dean and his three friends are locked in his sky rise apartment watching the horror from above. Soon the safety of home is not enough and the group of survivors take to the streets trying to escape the town from the sudden invasion. Continue reading

D*E*D, DEAD by Larry “Animal” Garner

Eric “Hammer” Thorssen has a problem. He wants to put an end to the meth manufauring and sales, coupled with the prostitution ring being run by an outlaw motorcycle club. His problem is, he’s an officer in the club! Follow along as he recruits some help and takes on the club, the cops, and the feds in his quest across the South, ending up in Huntsville, AL. Set in 1990, no cell phones, no internet, just lots of action and characters you’ll love and love to hate. Continue reading

Old Mommark’s Tale by Cora Buhlert

In a tavern on Tortuga, the pirate Old Mommark recalls an adventure of his youth and tells a tale of an uncharted island, a great treasure, the gruesome Captain Scarlet and the even more gruesome monster that dragged him to his doom. But is it a true story or just sailor’s yarn, spun under the influence of too much rum?

This is a short story of 3750 words. Continue reading

Better Than Ever, Again by Mitch Davies

Before the Book Begins:
Ben Beck has just completed working as a crew supervisor during the construction of a large hotel project in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. He did well to save some money but his funds are running low and there isn’t another job in sight except for a sympathy job offered by his long-time friend.

After deciding to accept a job working in his friend’s car dealership, Ben is surprised when his friend rescinds the job offer. Feeling doomed to a career of seasonal laboring jobs, Ben spots an ad for sailors in the local newspaper, responds and receives an interview. He meets a slick millionaire who tells him of the difficulty he’s had finding a crew to sail his yacht to the South Pacific where he plans to rent it out to high class tourists for a year then sell the yacht. The crew would get a portion of the yacht sale at the end of the year. The amount dazzles Ben.

Ben decides it is a good opportunity and says he’d like to sign up but is then told he hasn’t been offered the job. He sweats it out for a day hoping he gets the offer and phones the millionaire when his anxiety gets the better of him. Luckily he is offered the job and he accepts.

He meets a scrappy looking young man and a trampy looking woman whom he believes will also be part of the crew. Along with the millionaire, they set out on a drive to Huntington Beach via Las Vegas. His traveling companions begin to make him wonder what he’s gotten himself into when they show an eagerness to watch pornographic movies on a portable television that they have in the vehicle. They also seem to have an abrasive attitude toward each other which results in a fight between the woman and the younger man. When they reach Las Vegas and the two combatants suggest a threesome in the motel, Ben leaves to wander the strip and spends the night weighing his alternatives.

He decides to stick it out and the next day the younger man has disappeared leaving the millionaire, the girl and Ben to complete the trip to the coast. Ben meets the captain of the yacht and receives a cool reception. The captain thinks Ben might be too smart and tells the millionaire to get rid of him but loses the argument. They row out to the yacht at night and return to shore very early when it is still dark. Ben and the captain make preparations to set sail then receive word to sail the yacht to Catalina. They leave at night.

In Catalina they attend a private party where the millionaire is cultivating clients. The scrappy young man, this time cleaned up and looking sharp, appears again and is introduce to the millionaire’s friends, along with Ben, as a member of the crew. Also introduced is the trampy young woman but now she goes by a different name and her appearance has become very business like.

When Ben and the captain receive orders to sail to Honolulu, they sail alone. The young man has disappeared again.

All four of the characters are re-united in Honolulu where they take a client out for a week of sailing. Ben begins to realize that he isn’t ever likely to get along with the captain or the young man but his relationship with the woman begins to build even though he is reluctant to get intimate with her. After the successful sailing trip in Honolulu, Ben, the young man and the captain are sent to Tahiti which is to become their permanent base of operations. During the trip Ben’s relationship with both men deteriorates.

Once in Tahiti they have too much time between clients so Ben starts to generate day and over night trips on his own. The proceeds of which he, the young man, and the captain split. To generate this business, Ben spends his idle time on land talking with people involved in the local tourist industry. His contacts lead him to an old Frenchman who takes tourists out on tours of the island. The Frenchman has a Tahitian daughter and she and Ben develop a relationship. Ben eventually moves in with the Frenchman and his daughter.

The young woman who works for the millionaire comes to Tahiti to see Ben. She wishes their relationship could be closer but realizes it can’t. She likes him enough to tell him that he is being setup to take the fall for the theft of the yacht. The millionaire it turns out had lost his millions and schemed all along to sell shares in the yacht to his rich contacts then sell the yacht and disappear with the money. The young woman says good-bye and disappears.

Ben wants nothing more to do with the yacht and stays on shore hiding from the captain who has been told to set sail for Auckland, New Zealand to deliver the yacht to a buyer. The captain eventually shanghais Ben and forces him to sail with him and the young man. During the sail they fight and Ben accidentally knocks the young man overboard and he drowns. The captain blames Ben and threatens to tell the police he killed the young man deliberately.

Arriving at night in Auckland, the captain knocks Ben unconscious and abandons him on the yacht. Ben is arrested and charged with the theft of the ship. He spends a number of days in jail while the authorities check out his story. They are very interested in the young man but Ben doesn’t tell them that he was lost at sea. The boat owner’s insurance company decides not to press charges and Ben is deported back to the United States where he starts to look for another yacht to sail on back to Tahiti.

In Los Angeles, the millionaire and the captain find Ben and threaten him with his life if he doesn’t tell them where the young girl disappeared to. She has taken all of the money he received from the clients. Ben can’t convince them that he doesn’t know her whereabouts but manages to fight his way out of their grasp and give them the slip. He finds a yacht that is racing to Tahiti and signs up to crew but before he gets his ship the millionaire and captain catch up with him in a bar. Also in the bar is an FBI agent that Ben recognizes from Auckland. The agent has been tailing him, hoping the young man will meet up with Ben. In order to get the millionaire and captain to leave him alone Ben helps them slip out of the bar. In the commotion he causes with the FBI agent ben sees an opportunity to disappear himself. He does and returns to Tahiti and the Frenchman’s daughter to start his own tourism adventure.
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The Briton and the Dane: Legacy 2nd edition by Mary Ann Bernal

It was a time before England’s Golden Age; before Chaucer’s poetic tales; before the revered Lionheart took the Crusader Cross; before the legend of Robin Hood. It was after the invading Germanic tribes settled the land and petty chieftains vied for supreme sovereignty that a great King sought to unify the British nation.
Travel back in time to Dark Age Britannia and the turbulent reign of Alfred the Great who successfully prevented the Great Heathen Army from conquering his beloved Kingdom of Wessex.
Journey throughout a war-ravaged country where Lord Richard and his offspring swear allegiance to a visionary King; where a cultural renaissance, not seen since the rule of Charlemagne, defies the savagery of Barbarian raids; where a decisive sea battle establishes naval supremacy.

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Pulp by Neil Ostroff

Struggling thriller writer Kevin Turner just received a panicked call from his ex-girlfriend Tina, a self-proclaimed clairvoyant prostitute. One of her clients, the mayor’s married son, died in her bed and she needs Kevin’s help to dispose of the body. As if Kevin doesn’t have enough problems. His current girlfriend is the spouse of the gay woman who signs his meager paycheck, his sixth credit card has hit its limit, he received word that his eight-month wait for his second advance check was being withheld by Gotham Publishing until he made the absurd changes in his manuscript that they wanted, and he just discovered his recently deceased father, who Tina claims she’s in contact with, owes ten grand from an internet gambling debt, which Kevin would now have to figure a way to pay. When Kevin discovers Tina’s psychotic brother has chopped up the body, and the police are finding the pieces spread across the suburbs, it sets off a chain of events more bizarre and horrifying than the plot of one of Kevin’s own novels. Continue reading