Postponement of Services

It is with deep regret that I am announcing that Book Matchers will be postponing all future activity. The site as it exists will remain available for an as yet undetermined amount of time, but no new content is being published to the site. If you are an author and have submitted any of your books over the past couple of months, then I apologize that they have not been reviewed or approved. In all likeliness, they will not be added to the site.

Book Matchers started as an ambitious idea a few years ago, but it has suffered from a lack of attention over the past couple of years, largely due to personal health issues which I have dealt with. In addition to this, while I may have the knowledge and ability to create and maintain a site such as this, I admittedly do not have the expertise or the experience in promoting and growing such a site. Because of that, the site has never really taken off and gained the momentum necessary for making it a truly successful destination site.

At present, my own writing and other ventures are consuming a great deal of my time, so the desire and willingness to try to grow this site are simply not there right now. If that should change at any time in the near future, then this message will be replaced with an update. Feel free to use the Search functions to browse the current content. Any authors who would like to list their books may do so, but please understand that there is no set timeline for when, or if, they will be reviewed and approved for displaying on the site.

Thank you to all of you who have offered so many wonderful comments about the site, and also to the many authors who have taken the time to provide the information on their books. Perhaps in time we can try it again.

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